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It's a Kind of Day to Celebrate.

By Keith Burke And The Little Black Book


The overarching theme of this new album is to be the journey of partnership. I’ve always liked stories about the details of our lives. The late night conversations, the letters written and left for the other and that which we learn to love in our partners. These songs deal with uplifting and optimistic emotions, but also my love of nostalgia present in all of my writing, and of course family. I now focus on the idiosyncrasies between partners. Promises that feel right and the confidence that they can be kept.

The funds generated from this campaign will go towards paying for recording days in Audioland Studios with producer Anthony Gibney and properly compensating the professional musicians , who have already offered me generous rates. Once the tracks have been recorded, the mixing and editing can begin, often taking as much of an engineer’s time as the recording itself. Any other unforseen fees / costs will be paid by me personally.

After 10 years of playing together, Sinead Madden is back on fiddle. She was on many tracks from my album “These boys”, along with bassist Dave Mooney. He returns on both electric and upright bass. Paul Byrne was one of three drummers on the last album, and is back for this album. Hammond organ player Scott Flanagan was brought in by producer Anthony Gibney. Olivier Ansaldi returns to play sax and Salvatore Urbano, who played on every track of 2008’s “No one wants to move”, will play piano.

If I am successful reaching the target then what will be needed is equal measures of hard work, talent and the capturing of the elusive magic that happens when a song goes right. Covid has already delayed two planned recording sessions but I remain determined as ever.

Studio and musicians' time is expensive. Last year there were few opportunities to play live, closing many ways of funding my project. I have put thought into the rewards, offering memorabilia connected with both the songwriting process and my personal live concert archive. This will allow you to see the progress, and own some interesting items. The album would otherwise take a great deal longer to happen, relying on my personal funds.

Thank you for your support, for keeping this songwriting project of mine going, and for helping me to bring this new collection to even more people. It means so much to me when others share the part in their lives that my songs have played. Thanks to you.