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I've Been A Sweeper - Short Film

By Mark Holland


‘I’ve been a Sweeper’ is an exploration into the mind of its protagonist - The Sweeper. It follows him through his final day of life, during which he presents us with his thoughts on what it has meant. The Sweeper is not an ordinary man, nor has he led an ordinary life. He is a surreal character, whose story we want to tell.

The DIT School of Media is home to the longest running film programme in Ireland, and its alumni make up a large amount of Ireland’s filmmaking community. It has been the tradition of the school to produce graduating films worthy of selection for national and international festival audiences and it is our intention to produce a film which not only continues this tradition, but brings attention to a new generation of passionate storytellers.

This project acts as the culmination of four years of hard work and is one which we are excited to realise. It is a project of passion for all involved, with each crew member giving both money and time in order to see it through. However, in order for us to reach our necessary shooting budget, we have to look to you, the potential funder, for assistance.

Any funding received will go towards the inevitable costs of transportation, equipment, post production and catering. While we are exploring all avenues for assistance unfortunately there are many costs which we cannot avoid.

Every euro of support, no matter how small, is recognised as a helping step towards a film that we will not only be proud to put our names on, but your name too.

Thank you for your kind support,
Ciarán Dooley.