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Jacob Wrestling With The Angel

By BrosnanVisionsProductions


My name is Bertie Brosnan and I am head of Brosnan Visions Productions. I have previously been invovled in producing, writing, directing and acting in three other of my own short films. The most successful would be 'Oh The Accent!'. It was at two film festivals here in Ireland. The Fastnet Short Film Festival and Charlie Chaplin Comedy Fest in Kerry. You can find 'Oh The Accent!' on youtube.

For Jacob Wrestling With The Angel I have a great team around me and we will update our vimeo page with Interviews from everyone!

Jacob Wrestling With The Angel is an arthouse interpretation of a young artists struggle for creativity. He begins to search for answers in his dream where he meets a young mysterious lady, charming and deeply interesting. Jacob falls in love with her instantly.

Jacob takes a turn for the worst in his waking life and he becomes severely depressed and he increasingly searches for answers and truth in his dreams. He meets an old man and young boy who are strange and imposing on Jacob's new relationship.

Jacob is obsessed with a looping video that's playing on his laptop and it seems to be eroding his artistic vigour and destroying his already isolated life BUT he starts to find meaning in the dreamgirl and a journey takes place and inevitably the answer reveals itself.

Please check out our teaser trailer and the gallery for a sneak peek look at the screenplay and images from the film.

The amount that we are asking for has been calculated specifically for the needs of the project, keeping in mind that we are committed to making a very artistic and visually driven film to the highest standards possible. Every cent will goes towards the production of the film. Nothing has been kept aside or left out. The amount that we calculated accordingly are in relation to the project needs:

Equipment (Highest Standard)
Cast and crew fees
Travel and food expenses

There are only certain crew and cast getting paid for their work, it's a low budget film and we intend to make it for as little as possible but never hindering on the quality of the project. The highest standard of production is our mission and our aim as always.

The perks pretty much explain themselves. We have created them to tailor our contributors/partners in this project. The more you give the more you get!



Links to some videos because we love you!

Hey funders, You know that you are really cool, beautiful and damn...cool! We need help with our final push for glory. Please share this page if you can. Ask some rich people for a couple grand for us. We love you! Obviously I'm joking around, but we do need help. In anyway possible... I won't forget your kindness, I promise you that. Here are some videos... http://vimeo.com/58980685 - location scout http://vimeo.com/58831866 - talking about Jacob Love, Bertie

Update from JWWTA

Hello funders, Thank you again for your investment and your belief in my project thus far. It feels really nice inside that people believe in my project. I have been promised quite a bit of investment soon towards my project so we will be looking quite healthy then. You have done more than enough so far but I would ask that if you know of any business, person, performer, band who would like promotion in exchange for sponsorship let them know about this project. I have two sponsors already. Thank you and the kindest regards to you and yours, Bertie Brosnan

Change in crew

Hello funders, Bertie Brosnan speaking here. Unfortunately with the nature of the film industry sonetimes there are often swift changes in crew and cast because of unforeseen circumstances. And in this case we have lost Claire McGuinness as our timing has been a little off. Claire is moving to England in which we are delighted for her but it's not coinciding with when we recieve our funds from here. It's so unfortunate as we love Claire and her contribution thus far. If anyone has pledged money due to Claire's invovlement please stick with us as we have a very good relationship with Claire and I certainly am a huge fan and supporter of her work and wishing her all the good blessings in the world. I plan to work with her in the future. Okay, thank you for your contribution thus far. Kind regards, Bertie

Thanks to our first six funders!

We at Brosnan Visions Productions really appreciate your contribution. The ball is rolling now and we have reached 10% of our budget in just four days. Spread the word about this unique short film and be apart of making art happen. Thank you again and God bless.

Costume department change..

Anouck Sablayrolles is now not invovled in the project. We will update you with a new costume department team member.

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