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Jaja Studios Stoneybatter

By Jaja Studios


Introducing Jaja Studios: Jaja is a collective of people with varying skills and creative interests, working together with the common aim of creating an open community-based space in Stoneybatter. We aim to support a wide community of artists, musicians, and projects by providing a space open for events, classes, exhibitions and groups that share our DIY nature and by definition may not have the resources for a space otherwise.

To date we've received no grants or funding from any board or council. From the beginning our aim has been self-sufficiency so we've focused our energy on converting an old warehouse to house individual artist studios upstairs and a cafe/event room downstairs complete with a sound proof practice room. Again most of this was built from recycled and donated materials with almost zero budget. We aim to be self-sustaining with the studios and the cafe covering rent and bills so that we can freely provide space for supporting other projects. So far we have come a long way with no money: the artist studios are up and running with 7 artists currently resident, the soundproof rehearsal room is finished, and we make lovely coffees in our cafe complete with an espresso machine and grinder. We have already hosted several successful once-off pop up events: a latte art competition, art exhibitions, music nights and the paddy's day massacre bicycle courier event.

The money raised with this Fund it campaign will be used to upgrade our facility so we can reach our goal of being a full-time open social space, from more comprehensive insurance to a kitchen sink. All of us here at JaJa are very eager to begin the second stage of this project, to welcome in groups and witness as new ones form and grow. That's where you come in! We need a kick-start so we can hit the ground running this summer and be the open and creative community project we've set out to be!

If you have a group or project that we can help facilitate, or if you just want to come check out the space and get involved, get in touch with us at jajastudios@live.com



Conor's stove made from 100% recycled materials

Conor is an experienced fabricator with pieces and installations on display at festivals and events all around the country. His stove is a reward for donating €300+ to Jaja's fundit campaign, ideal for the garden or patio. Check out photos of this deadly reward: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202551800808811&set=a.10202551815249172&type=3&theater; So if you or someone you know might be looking for a stove, any of our other rewards or just want to suport the campain, Fund it yo!

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