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Jane Willow Debut Album Pre-Orders

By Jane Willow


About Me
I’m Jane Willow and I’m a Dublin-based Dutch folk musician. I moved to Ireland in 2011. I was fascinated with Irish music and the vibrant busking and open mic scene. In 2017 I decided to go for it and I released my first single ‘On My Mind’. In the past 3 years I’ve played in well known Irish music venues like Vicar Street, The Button Factory and Whelan’s. I’ve done shows in Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany. And I’ve been the support act for Andy Irvine, Glen Hansard, Paddy Casey, The Unthanks, David Kitt, Aoife Scott and Kíla. My songs have received radioplay on RTE Radio 1, BBC Radio Ulster and Radio Nova. Also, in these last 3 years I’ve released 1 EP and 5 singles. It’s been an incredible journey!

The Album
Over the past few years I’ve also been working on my debut album. On this album I’ll have my amazing band with the addition of a string quartet. Anthony Gibney will be on sound, mixing and co-production and Joe Csibi (head of the RTE Concert Orchestra) has done the string arrangements. And my band includes Scott Flanigan (piano: Van Morrison), Alice Grollero (bass) and Dave Hingerty (drums: Josh Ritter, Kíla, Glen Hansard). The album will take influences from Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Richard Hawley and Bill Callahan.

Why Crowdfunding / Fund It?
If you want to help independent musicians like myself release more music, you can help by pre-ordering the album or choosing one of the other rewards like a socially distant House Concert (5 to 15 audience members depending on restrictions). Or a T-shirt, Tote Bag, Concert Tickets, Video Call, Songwriting/Guitar Lesson and more. Please make sure to send me your post address details for delivery of the signed CDs.


The Costs
This album will cost me at least €10.000 (or more like €13.000) to make, I can cover half these fees myself with some of my savings, but need help covering the other €5.000. Expenses include; recording studios (Audioland Studios & Ventry Studios), musician fees, rehearsal fees, string arrangements, the string quartet, music videos, CD duplication, mastering, and online distrubution. And with corona; with cancellation of gigs it means artists like me rely solely on album sales for income.

The Risks
I believe there are music lovers that will help me raise the target of €5000. If I raise more I'll get to shoot shoot a more high budget short film style music video for my song 'Let There Be Light'! I'll be recording the album over the autumn/winter. The album's official release date might be pushed back with corona (2021 or 2022), but funders will receive the album months before its official release with the bonus song!

Thank You!
Thanks for supporting me and my band and for being so lovely. Feel free to spread the word too!
I hope I’ll see you around, at a socially distant house concert or, one day, at a real gig again!

Jane Willow


Mailing List: www.janewillow.com/mail

Photos: Ray Keogh, Stefan Tivodar



Jane Willow Album 100% Funded!!!

Ahh!! Yesssssss! My album is 100% funded! 107 people supported the creation of this album with an average donation of €48! I can not believe it!

Thank you so much making new music possible! Just to paint a picture, one day of recording the string quertet alone costs me 1950 euro (350 euro per string player + 450 for the studio). And that's not including the fees I'll be paying for string arrangements. Or the costs for the other amazing players on the album (drums, bass, piano, electric guitar etc). So THANK YOU for making it possible!

We've 4 more days left in the album fundraiser (it ends on Friday 10am October 16th)! Any extra funds I raise will go towards recording a music video for 'In Your House There', a song that will be on the album. I just heard the first rough mix for the song and I'm very proud of it!

Here's a snippet of 'In Your House There': https://soundcloud.com/janewillowmusic/jane-willow-in-your-house-there-snippet/s-FYFiB634tp3

Thank you again and I hope we raise some extra funds so I can pay a filmcrew to make a beautiful video for that song! If you know of a music loving friend that might want to order the album too, please let them know now. The fundraiser closes on Friday 10am Irish time.

Thank you!!

xx Jane Willow

Jane Willow's Album is 76% funded!


A quick update to say that the album got 76% funded in the first 3 weeks of the album fundraiser. With your support I wouldn't have made it there! Thank you!!

We have one week left to get to 100% funded. We have to make the target to get to keep the funds raised.

If you'd like you can help spread the word, maybe you know a music loving friend that would like to join? With a little more support we can push this album fundraiser over the line!

Hope all's well and that you're keeping safe.

x Jane Willow





Jane Willow's Album is 76% funded!


A quick update to say that the album got 76% funded in the first 3 weeks of the album fundraiser. With your support I wouldn't have made it there! Thank you!

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