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Jane Willow's Debut EP

By Jane Willow



I'm so excited to finally be working on my Debut EP!  

You can help make independent music happen by pre-ordering this EP on Fund it



Who Am I?


I’m Jane, an independent musician living in Dublin. I moved to Ireland at age twenty-one after a stint of studying songwriting at Music College in Holland. When I moved to Dublin, I had no place to stay, no friends, no money and no job. I started busking Leonard Cohen songs on Grafton Street and I played over 200 gigs in the first year in Ireland. I’ve had an incredible few years here and now I feel ready to record my Debut EP!

In August I opened for Glen Hansard in Vicar Street, which was an incredible, eye-opening experience that made me decide: ‘it’s now or never!  



How Can You Help?


Recording, promoting and distributing music is a pricey business. I’m gonna need a little help to pay for some of these costs.

You can make this EP happen by pre-ordering it! I also have other rewards available for your help. Please check 'Rewards' at the right side.

I need to raise 4000 euro for studio time, mastering, duplication and the album artwork for my EP. In the studio I will record backing vocals, double bass, cello, piano/keys, drums and an occasional brass instrument. My EP will have influences of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell & Ray Lamontagne. To check out what that sounds like I’ve made a Free Download of my single 'On My Mind' available. 

 I will also have other costs involving this EP: musician fees, rehearsals and marketing and promotion fees. I’m currently working a full-time job and gigging to cover these costs. 

With your help I can release my EP in the summer of 2018.


Anthony Gibney as he mixes 'On My Mind'.


What Your Help Means to Independent Musicians?


Without your support independent musicians like myself wouldn’t be able to do this. Recording an EP is expensive and as an independent musician I don’t have a record label to help me out financially. That’s where your support comes in! One lovely person at a time we can make it to our goal of 4000 euro.

For example; if 200 people pre-order the EP we’ve already made our goal of 4000 euro!

Please note: This is an ‘All or Nothing’ crowdfunding website: which means I have to make my target of 4000 euro or I won’t get any of the funds. 

And if (for some incredible reason!) we overreach our target of 4000 euro the money will go towards making a music video for ‘On My Mind’. This has been a dream of mine for years.


Recording 'On My Mind' with Anthony, Rob, Joanna Marie and Eoin. 


Free Download as a Thank You!


As a thank you for checking out my Fund it Page I’ve made a Free Download of my song 'On My Mind' available.

Thanks again for checking out my page! Have a lovely day!


xx Jane






We're 72%

We're now on the fourth and final week of the EP fundraiser (with 5 days left). So many incredible people have Pre-Ordered the EP in these past few weeks and I'm beyond grateful.


What's also lovely is that the incredible musician Luka Bloom pre-ordered two copies of the album! (amazing right?!) I can’t even begin to describe how moved I am by the amount of support I’ve had from family, friends, strangers and fellow musicians. 


We're now just 50 pre-orders away from reaching our goal and getting to record the album! However if we don't reach this goal I don't get to keep any of the funds raised. 


So if you’d like to give me that final push you can help by sharing my fundraiser with one of your friends.  


Who knows, you might have that one friend that really enjoys supporting music too! You could tell him/her a little about me and my music and they might just pre-order this EP too! 


Thanks again for your support! We’ve 5 days left in this fundraiser and we’re just 50 Pre-Orders away from reaching our goal!


I think we might just make it! 






Please share my fundraiser with your friends. 



Live Gigs:

24 Nov The Collective / Ranelagh Arts Centre  | 19.30 | free in 

25 Nov John Blek (support) / The Workman’s Club  | 20.00 | 10 euro

28 Nov Dublin’s Underground Beat / Berlin D2 (downstairs)  | 20.30 | free in


My EP is 41% Funded! (halfway point update)



I can't quite believe we’ve made it halfway through this EP Fundraiser already! (we're at day 14 with 15 days to go!) I want to thank you for your incredible support!


Strangers, family, friends (and zeelandgroepers!) all pulled together to make the first 1660 euro possible. You believed in me from the start, which really means a lot. You and another 41 people have helped me get 41% funded in the first 14 days! 


However, I need to get 100% funded to really make this album happen! This is what they call an all-or-nothing fundraiser, which means; if it doesn’t get 100% funded I won't get to keep any of the money you helped me raise. I’ll need to reach my goal to be able to pay for studio time, mastering, duplication and album artwork.


You can help me to 100% by sharing my fundraiser with friends who might like my music. Their Pre-Order of the album will get me closer to my goal.


When you share my fundraiser page please make sure to add a nice (or funny!) anecdote about me as a musician (you may use this childhood pic if you wish, hihi). Your personal and honest message could convince your friends to help me out. Which would be amazing.


Your support has literally turned my world upside down. Thank you so much for your kindness, your time and your generosity!


I can’t wait to release this EP in the summer of 2018, we’re so close to making it happen!


Please share my fundraiser with your friends. 









ps: I have some upcoming shows in November (including a full band show). Please check my Facebook for more info: www.facebook.com/janewillowmusic

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