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Jar - Short Movie

By Primevil Prints


Jar is a short sci-fi drama, which follows our protagonist David, a 12-year-old daydreamer. David, his younger sister Molly and his best friend Bosco plan a summer of escape, adventure and discovery. Set between the nostalgic charm of childhood and the realism of a bleak suburban Dublin housing estate, the story follows the boys over the course of a summer as they attempt to escape their mundane realities and troubled home lives through comic books, monster movies and science fiction. While out fishing in a stream one day, they catch something that will change their world forever.

Jar can be described as a ‘subtle sci-fi’. It is set in a suburban council housing estate in Dublin, Ireland, before the internet and the digital age, when kids still played outdoors and used their imaginations. While we are inspired by and love many of the 80’s movies we grew up with, such as E.T., Back to the Future, The Goonies etc., we want our film to be believable science fiction. It will look and sound sweeping, cinematic and stylized, however grounded in realism. The science fiction element is secondary to the human story. From production design to lighting to sound to cinematography to costume to music, Jar will have the production qualities, the story and the performances to go a long way. We intend on creating a real piece of timeless cinema.

With the professional crew attached we have an extensive background in award winning filmmaking, funding, distribution and festivals and have a well-structured marketing plan. Simon also has experience with funding an award winning short film entitled ‘The Stand Up’ as a result of a successful Fund it campaign. This is now in development for television.

We can promise you, our funders that we will spread the film to every corner of the world to every major film festival and beyond. If there is a film festival on Mars, you can rest assured it will be screening Jar. So if you would like to join us on this amazing adventure and be a part of our team, please help us make this the best that it can be. We really appreciate your support and will guarantee that every cent that is invested in this film will be spent on production costs such as: locations, transport, catering, crew, equipment, costume, props as well as post-production costs such as: editing, grading, sound design, music and then the promotional costs such as: festival entry fees, the correct formats that certain festivals require i.e. DCP, Digi-Beta, posters and the list goes on. With a crew of 14 people and a number of actors and a shooting schedule of at least 3 days, the costs add up so fast that literally every cent will make a difference. You can also pledge any amount at all, not just the reward prices, every little helps!

So once again, we sincerely thank you and welcome you on our journey!