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JB Collaborations 2013

By Jack Burdell Experience


The Jack Burdell Experience is made up of 4 creative souls, with a passion for the Arts, known as Clara, John, Jen & Emily.

Clara, an artist/performer/producer has set up camp in NCAD studying for her MFA in Media. John, Actor/Director, houses himself in the walls of the Gaiety school of Acting teaching. Jen, Artist/graphic designer/illustrator, believes one should never grow up, after all 'tis far too serious a game. Emily, Actor/Blogger/wordsmith, shuffles around Dublin City updating us on the world of theatre and art in her blog! We four together decided to create Collaborations.

Collaborations took place earlier this year, Feb 2012, for the first time. The Jack Burdell Team approached Smock Alley Theatre over a cuppa cha in early June and the decision was made to start something. Starting something is what Collaborations is all about! We wanted to provide a platform for new writing, new devising, new conversations between theatre practitioners and theatre audiences. Last year we showcased 16 shows over 14 days in the Boys School, Smock Alley.

This year we're back and aiming for bigger and better! We will be taking over Smock Alley once more, this time commandeering the Main Space, Boys School & the Banquet Hall! This year's festival runs from 22nd Feb-9th March 2013 and will showcase 31 shows and 5 special events including works in progress, new writing, devising, play readings, panel discussions & an exhibition!

We're very excited! Jack Burdell came together to seek out those people who have something they want to shout, speak, whisper, sing about! That something that's been knocking around inside your head, we want to help make it happen! We want to help you make a start, a beginning.

We believe that Collaborations is a safe space to experiment, explore and develop that piece of theatre, art, performance that you are passionate about.

To do that we also need YOU. You, the collective, the collaborators.That includes everyone from the applicants to the volunteers to the funders and the audience! Unfortunately, there are considerable costs to be covered when running a project like this. We had amazing feedback from last year's festival that was heart warming and incredibly encouraging, it has given us the confidence to produce the festival for the second time! We need the generosity & support from artists, actors, performers, theatre makers, family, friends, audiences to make this happen. Fund it provides us with a platform to do this.

So how does Fund it help?

Funds raised through Fund it will help us cover venues, insurance,lighting, sound, artists’ expenses (although they all perform for free, some expenses are unavoidable), programmes & posters need to be printed and distributed, advertising & media coverage ...the list is a mile long. The generosity shown by artists, venues and other supporters is incredible, but the fact remains that there are a lot of costs to be covered.

Even the smallest donation through this Fund It campaign would make a massive difference in helping to make Collaborations 2013 happen.