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JCC Final Year Film Projects.

By St Johns College Film Dept.


Hi Everyone,

We are a group of twenty film students in St. John's Central College Cork. This year our challenge is to write, direct and produce four high quality short fifteen minute movies.

Our goal is to enter these movies into Film Festivals around Ireland and Internationally. To accomplish this goal we need your help. We are hoping to raise €1500 and share this equally between the four films. We’re filming our movies over four weeks in February and March.

We already have the equipment and talented crew, but we need help raising money for locations, costumes, special effects, make-up, props and all the other expenses that are required to make incredible movies plus the fees required to enter these films into festivals.

We all pitched our film ideas in December and chose 4 of the best films to make:

Our first film is a modern-day Western set in Ireland titled Buachaill Bó. A boy who dreams of becoming a cowboy faces losing his farm, while he deals with moneylenders, a family resigned to fate, and his best friend Daisy. The cow.

Our next film is called Tiger By the Tail is a contemporary comedy set in Ireland. The characters are teens that are influenced by the pop punk and skateboarding subculture. The story follows 18 year old Jarod after a heavy break-up. His hilarious best friend Crusty tries to make light heart of the situation while Crusty’s emotional 16 year old sister Emily is plotting to try win the heart of Jarod by sending secret love notes accompanied by her best friend Sally.

Our next film, a dark fairy tale called The Other Folk is about Claire and her imaginary friend. Claires parents believe she has an imaginary friend named Patrick. However, she can see beings from another dimension. When a sinister force moves into the woods by her house both Claire and her friendship with Patrick are in danger.

Our final film I Am Robot is a sic fi love story. It is set in 2020 in Ireland. The main characters are a young teenage couple named Karl and Rose both aged 17. They are bullied by Tommy, Mixer and Bumper and as a result of this Karl accidentally gets knocked down by a car leaving Karl in a coma. A professor named Waldorf provides an out of the box solution and transplants Karl’s consciousness into a robotic identity named ICU2.



One Week To Go!

Only one week left on our campaign and one week until we start shooting out first film! Here's a showreel of some of the work we did earlier in the year: https://vimeo.com/118579346

A little update...

Thanks for all the support so far! We'll be releasing a series of 'Meet the Directors" videos over the next few weeks! Here's the first video, Shane Crotty talks about his film "Buachaill Bó": https://vimeo.com/117376710 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stjohnsfilmfund Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stjohnsfilmfunding

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