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Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint - 1st in Ireland

By Musicmediumlive


Hi my name is Tamala and I and a few friends run music co-op MML which bring unsigned artists and great live music venues together - I am building a mobile Juke Joint.

Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint is a wooden mobile venue - deep south style which is a tribute to my late grandfather who built and ran a Juke Joint on the cotton plantation where he was raised in th 30's and 40's. The Juke Joint comprises of a full stage/sound equipment that will be able put on full live band gigs. It is the first Juke Joint of any kind in Ireland.

Over 30 live music acts and various artistic performances are scheduled to play. The acts are primarily from all around Ireland as well as some from other parts of the globe. Workshops for the kiddies like face painting and games and also young peoples music workshops and activities will can take place during the day.

Here are some of bands that will be playing with us at Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint:


Cat Dowling


Crow Black Chicken


The Eskies


Sal Vitro

The Bambir

Mojo GoGo

The Indecent Cigar Emporium

So the good news is: we have over 30 musicians and performers lined up to play, we have been accepted at Knockanstockan Festival and given our pitch in the Festival. We have the construction team all ready to go and also the architectural design has been completed.

I need a total of 9,000Euro (which includes the materials for building the Juke Joint Structure) to be able to build and run the mobile "Juke Shack" of my dreams and here is a breakdown of how much I have raised thus far:

I have received funds from friends and family and I am have personal savings totalling 3,250Euro

I am borrowing 3,250Euro from my local Credit Union, which leaves me a balance needed of 2,500Euro

This is where you all can help as it is very cool to get this close to building the "Shack" and I know I can make this happen with your financial support. All I need is the rest of the funds to get this party started!

Once building has been completed we have the opportunity of touring this show to other festivals around Ireland and we will of course in future, be looking to discover new artists to add to our crazy crew - I thank ya'll in advance for your support!

Tamala - MML(MusicMediumLive)

We Are You

Knockanstockan Festival is being held at The Blessington Lakes, Co Wicklow 27th - 29th July 2012 - www.knockanstockan.ie - (please go there for further info regarding the Main Festival activities.)

please check out our cool prizes!!!



Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint - Funded!

Hi guys - just want to say it's done we have reached our goal - big thanks to everyone and Joe Lynch and Andrea we are so happy!! It's time to celebrate - thanks again - dream will be realized - Tamala

Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint - Funded!

Hi guys - just want to say it's done we have reached our goal - big thanks to everyone and Joe Lynch and Andrea we are so happy!! It's time to celebrate - thanks again - dream will be realized - Tamala

3 hours

3 hours and counting down Ya'll x

Thank You, Thank You

Hello and big thank you's to Katie Kirby and Christian Volkmann for giving to us and supporting our project - I really, really appreciate you - Kisses and hugs to Katie for your super support! Tamala

Running towards the finish line!

Hello! A very big thank you to Max Severin and also to Sean O'Neil for getting us one step closer - I am soooo excited!

Last 5 Hour Miracles

Hi and a big thanks to Lucy and Burma Shade for donating to us for the shack as we literally have only 5 hours left to Fund It! yay!

20 Hours to go

A huge thanks to Wilbury for your donation to Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint - we're getting closer hour by hour!

Happy me!

Thank you Clark family for donating to Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint you make me proud!!

Much Gratitude!

Hi and a very, very big thank you to Jose Manuel Martin Garcia and Paul Cullen for donating to us - this is crunch time so we really appreciate it! And now a little song to get us inspired - Bob Marley - Positive Vibration Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aruoKT7D8Uk&feature=fvwrel


Thanks so much Belinda Rogers for donating to us - ya'll just keep it coming and we're thankful!

Here we go again!!!

Thanks Conor Farrell so much for donating to us - you are brilliant and we really appreciate it as we run towards the goal line!

Once Again...

Thank you so much to Bamboo Sessions for your generous donation - we're making the deadline because of you!

I am grinning from ear to ear!

Thank you Praveen Singh for donating to us! Nearly there guys!

Way to go All!

Thanks so much to Robert Shiels for the latest donation moving us further to our goal!

Officially Day 1 to go!

Big thank you's go out to Ray and Carol for donating to us for Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint today - we've hit the final day for funding this project and the clock is ticking - well done everyone for your super support!

Oh Yes!

Thank you Fiona Reid for donating - way cool! We really appreciate you for your support!

Another Heads Up!

Hi and thanks so much to R Ex for your donation - we're moving forwards!! Oh Yeah!

Thank Ya

Hello Guys, just saying a super big thank you to Beth Anslow for donating to us Today. It's getting so close - I can actually see that shack in my minds eye!

Getting so much closer

Hello and a very big thanks and shout out to Daniel Jones for his donation - we're nearly there!

Big Thank You's

Hi All! Just need to update a few thank you's to the Staff of Fallon and Byrne Restaurant front of house - Katie, Alfredo, Thomas, Sylwia, Martina, Liz, Dagmara and last but not least Aoibheann again for donating twice - | am very, very grateful to all of you! 3 days left and I know we will reach our Fund It!

Getting Closer Everyday

Hello You wonderful people we are really gaining momentum now and it's all thanks to you all! Today we received a very generous donation from Fallon and Byrne Kitchens so to all the guys working hard in there and creating that amazing food - thanks from the bottom of my heart! We'd be lost without your funds and support. Tamala

Happy Days

Thanks so much to you Alfredo Tobena and the good folk with you at La Cocina (lacocinaireland) we are so thankful to you!

It's Getting HOT in the Kitchen!

Hey Guys - a big thanks to all and recently to Conor Mahon for helping to make my dreams come true! Will keep ya posted ya'll!

Hi All!

A very big, big thank you to Anna Szkwanka and Shirley Clark for their very generous donation -we've 8 days left and it's going very well. I will be emailing and sending out messages like crazy until this thing get's funded!

We're Heading Towards The Goal

Very grateful to Aoibheann Gaughran and Fran Tyrell for giving to us so generously! It's weird to be so close to completing this project and my Dad has informed me that our signs for interior have arrived and also some Kool Aid which is the most sugary drink has also been ordered you guys have to try this stuff - Will keep you posted about our progress - my heart is happy!

Now we're talking!!

Hello - This has been an amazing journey and I'm sure the grandad would be so proud! It's not over yet but we're finally starting to make some build progress as I'm meeting with the team who will be setting the shack up and I believe we'll reach our goal. We are also starting to listen to more of the bands and create the format for the three day's so it's fun, fun, fun! A really big thank you as well to Roberto Caira for donating we are grateful to you!

things are looking bright

hey northern drones super cool for coming together like that to help us out with this project we simply couldn't do this without all of you. as of yesterday some of the signs for juke joint interior have been ordered and are on the way I really want the shack to look as authentic as possible

It's Getting Closer!

Hi all - I really, really want to thank you so much for your support of us - and the recent donation from Carrick On Shannon Water Music we are grateful! If you all don't mind, please keep spreading the word as we only have 14 days left to reach our goal of 2,500.00 for building the Juke Joint. Thanks again, Tamala

It's Getting Closer

Hello to all, I have been very busy today gathering all band and performance submissions together in order pull together an amazing line up. We still have time so please send anyone you know my way! Big thank you Ms. Klara for donating your money and blogs to my cause - I couldn't do it without You!!

We're cooking!

Hi All, thanks to everyone that has made donations for the Juke Joint - thanks recently to Owy Ford and Valentine Black - you are very cool to us! Have been sorting out the food menu to make sure all will be authentic so it will feel like you're actually in the Deep South. We are also taking submission for the music and performance side as we have a few spaces left so please send any and every to mmlgigs@gmail.com. Thanks Ya'll.

Hello All

Hey Guys, we are busy having meetings with everyone involved with Knockanstockan in order to make sure that we will meet our deadline for Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint. Please spread the word as we could use your support more than ever in order to get this lil' Shack built - thanks Tamala

Working On The Decor

Hi Everyone - as of today, I have started doing some research on the kind of stuff that I want to put in the Juke Joint. My father along with Uncle Jimmie are hunting at flea markets, etc in the US - Florida to be exact to find some one-of-a kind brick a brack for the shack. I am so excited! Also a big thanks to Johanna and Brendan for giving to our project!

Very excited!

Hi Everyone, We are having a lot of fun getting this project up and running and would like to thank you all for your support. More updates to come...let's get this party started!

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