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Joanna Burke's E.P

By Joanna Burke


My name is Joanna Burke and I am a singer and songwriter based in Dublin Ireland. I originally studied to be an occupational therapist but took a career break this year to follow my musical dreams. I have been studying for a diploma in Songwriting with BIMM Dublin and it has been so amazing to have time to focus on and improve my songwriting.

I have written many songs this year and have been trying to get out and about playing more gigs. At the end of one of my shows in January I met a producer who is based in Temple Lane Studios, who showed interest in working with me. It seems to make sense that at the end of my career break to focus on music I should have something to show for myself and so I have decided to record a four track e.p this July.

I am currently in pre-production stages with producer/engineer Ola Ersfjord, and we have plans to go into studio for two days in July. I am excited about the four songs that we have chosen and are working on and it is wonderful to see them changing and developing as we go. I have also got some wonderful musicians onboard and cannot wait to see all that they will add to these songs.

Unfortunately after a year of regressing into studenthood, I do not have the finances to make this happen and this is where I need your help. I really hope that I can reach a target of €1,200 to cover my costs; €800 of this will go towards the cost of recording and mixing time(my lovely musicians are volunteering their time thankfully) and the remaining funds will go towards the cost of mastering the four tracks.

It would be so amazing for me to have something tangible to finish out this music year with , and hopefully you will have some new music you can enjoy too.

So please consider supporting me, as much or as little as you can. And if you are not in the position to financially support me, maybe you could support me simply by sharing the link to my page with your friends or family, anyone who might be in a position to help me out.

Thanks guys,




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