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John Blek - Solo Album

By John Blek


Hello and welcome to the John Blek Fund it page!!


I am nearing the end of the mixing of my second full length solo album. "Cut The Light" is a collection of 11 songs that I am really proud of. This time I recorded at Wavefield Recording Studios in Bantry, West Cork and it feels like a real step forward in songwriting and performance.

I am looking to raise €3,200 in order to pay for mastering, artwork and duplication. I have been able to fund the the project personally until now. I need your help to raise the funds to get this project over the line.

So here we are, I have come up with a number of rewards for you to choose from including CD and vinyl copies of the album and house concerts.

Have a look through the page and see if there are any rewards that you might like.


I am a touring and hard working musician. Constantly looking to improve my output and always working on a new project. I am forever looking to push the boundaries of my own capabilities. Prior to this project I have released three full length albums and a number of EPs and singles. All of which have been met with much critical acclaim. I now have a very good understanding of the process involved in the release of a record from it's initial inception to it's eventual release, promotion and sale. I have also previously run two successful Fund It campaigns and have found the system to be incredibly beneficial.

Much of this album has been funded by the money generated from the sales of my last solo release but now I have come to the end of those savings. I have no other funding sources and need your help.



The money will be spent on Mastering (€600), Artwork (€200), CD Duplication (€1200) and Vinyl Duplication (€1200). This comes to a total of €3200.

Previously we used the Fund it forum to raise funding for band projects. That would have meant that six people would have been involved in promoting awareness on social media. This time around it is essentially just me. This is a potential issue but I believe that with your help we can make this release happen!

Thank you so much for reading about my project. I hope there is a reward that suits you. With your help I look forward to sharing this new music with the world.