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John Doe: The Carjacking

By Patrick S Rock


It should have been easy...Steal the first car you can get. When the carjacker got into the passenger seat he could have never imagined what kind of mistake he had made. John Doe is behind the wheel. You can't scare a man that doesn't exist.

'John Doe: The Carjacking' is the first in a three part series of shorts revolving around the character John Doe. 'Carjacking' is a Crime Drama / Comedy in the style of Martin McDonagh, Quentin Tarantino, Ben Wheatley and David Fincher. This short film series is being approached as ' The Anti- Love/Hate'.

My name is Patrick Rock. I'm the Writer / Director of John Doe. I'm a graduate of The Irish Film Academy in Digital Filmmaking and have directed / written a  four part short series called 'Among The Reeds', co-directed a festive short called 'Christmas In Dublin'. All shorts are available to view on the youtube channel patrickrock1983.

We are aiming to film in June / July for three nights using Sony EX1 or Z1 DV cameras for the shoot as they are affordable but still high quality HD cameras. We are shooting on a tiny 1,500 Euro budget but that won't stop us from making an entertaining, cinematic short.

Once this short is edited we will be submitting it to film festivals and then to production companies to expand on parts Two and Three.

Here is an overview of our cast for this Short:

Alan Sherlock is John Doe. Alan is an experienced actor when it comes to film shorts. He was trained by Terry McMahon and Emmet McMahon and was nominated in 2012 for Best Actor by the Underground Cinema Awards. Some of his work is on Youtube, I recommend you watch it.

Emmet Byrne as Carjacker. Emmet is a theatre trained actor currently acting in short films. His portrayal of 'Tommy' in the upcoming Cara Lynch short film 'Gravediggers' is fantastic. An actor to look out for.

RIchard Mason as Ross. Richard is an up and coming actor who is well experienced in both theatre and televison work. He has appeared in productions of 'Waiting for Godot', 'Macbeth' and has just completed work on a tv pilot titled 'Darker Days' aswell as the fantastic Cara Lynch short 'Gravediggers'.

We will be filming in the Stonybatter and North Dublin area mostly, with our climax being filmed on Howth Summit. The pledge reward of being an extra will be on Howth Summit for the final few shots outside a pub on Howth Summit. There will be no transport but the shoot is on the 31, 31a bus routes during the evening and any travel expenses will be covered.

As this is our first budgeted project we really need your help to get it made. We cannot get this made without your support!

If you want to read more, or keep up on whats going on with this project, check out our Facebook page.



Table read Video

Have a look at this video to see the crew go through the script on the day of auditions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQB-jOHXEcM

Footage of dialogue from John Doe

We'll be posting up a read through of footage from the script today. It was read through by the Director / Writer Patrick Rock and Camera Operator James Cummins during the Audition process and will give you a better understanding of what we are trying to do with this short.

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