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Jos new album - Aspheres album

By Jos Almeida


The project aims to raise funds to cover the cost for the physical production of the CD (500 units) in the factory. The compositions and the mastering are complete. The next step will be to send the master copy to the factory for production. The CD have 70 minutes of very emotive music, with an electronic and symphonic epic style. The sound landscape is very similar to my 2nd album Aether, but with different and new details in the sound concept and recordings.

This CD was designed for a sound journey of intense listening pleasure.

The budget will be spent on the payment for the manufacture of the physical CD's.

The CD (not CD-R) will be enclosed in a jewel box transparen with sleeve, recorded with High Quality DDD 24bit, 44.1KHz.

This project will be my 3rd solo album. The previous projects albums performed in 2014 and 2016, had great success for an independent production, underlining in the radio and internet programs with the great figures in this musical thematic.

Based on my many years of experience, I believe that my latest work surpasses all previous ones.

I have no risk in my success, all aspects are planned well. I will follow up the distribuition of my new work with live performances and other kinds of presentations and I'm ready to go with this project.

I am crowdfunding for this project to make up the significant upfront funds needed to accomplish all the costs involved, I have only my own funds that I have spent so far. Crowdfunding aims to complete the remaining tasks sooner. With only my financial support it would take much more time to complete.

For all music lovers, thank you for reading and taking an interest in this album project, and in particular for those who appreciate the effort and dedication of the independent producers. Thank you very much for your support and generosity.
I look forward to seeing this project through to completion and delivering to you in February 2019, all of your pledged rewards.



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