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Kú - Episode 1

By BitSmith Games


Hello again!

We are a small game studio based in Dublin, currently working hard to finish our first game Kú - episode 1, which will be a touch-based isometric action-adventure game for iPad (think Zelda for iPad).

We plan to release a number of episodes, retelling the epic Irish legend of the Táin, set in a distant future, when technology is misunderstood and feared, and we have reverted to a tribal society once more.

We're making Kú in response to the lack of engaging titles available on the iPad - not that we dislike Angry Birds, we just feel that this device has so much more potential!

The game features completely hand drawn environments and characters, music from some of Ireland's best underground producers (Amoon and Jimmy the Hideous Penguin among others), and an intuitive touch-based control system, specifically designed for tablet devices. We'll also be adding an Irish language option to the game, which will make us the first ever video game in Irish!

If you fund us you will be helping us to polish off the current incarnation of the game, and take it to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the premiere games development event in the world. There we will be able to make the important contacts needed to make the most of our first release, showcase our game to our peers and press and keep the studio running long into the future.

The team consists of three guys who met in college and decided to take on the world;

Owen Harris - Our Lead Game Designer and programmer, Owen is our code wrangler and is well versed in the dark arts of making virtual things come to life and start walking about. Owen's worked on games for years and has always wanted to start his own game studio. Best. Coder. Ever.

Ralph Croly - The guy with the cymbals, Ralph creates the sounds and squeaks you'll hear in the game, and mixes the amazing scores sourced from local Irish musicians, and can turn the sound of a cat's yowl into an opera. He makes the UI and videos we show off. Ralph was a web designer who always loved games and decided to take it to the next level!

Basil Lim - Baz scribbles in his sketchbook, and somewhere between there and the game, he slams the keyboard with his eyes closed and they magically turn into beautiful animations. Baz started off life as a physicist and discovered that doodling was much more fun.

We want to create jobs in Ireland, and have already taken on part-timers like Paul Conway who's our level designer, with mad interior design skillz!

So far things have been going reasonably well for us, and we have been featured on the TV , Radio and Web.