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K-Fest Music & Arts 2016

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For 2016 Fund it will continue to be one of the main sources of funding for K-Fest. As a non-profit organisation it is safe to say that without the contributions of all those via Fund it K-Fest would not meet the standard it has reached the last couple of years. It also brought the community closer together with K-Fest, making it a festival by the people, for the people.

As we are running a Fund it campaign again this year, we would be delighted if you would consider contributing again, and for those contributing for the first time, welcome to the K-Fest family. Money is not taken from your account until the Fund it campaign ends (and only if the total target amount is reached), so you don't need money at the time of pledging.

We hope you enjoy the rewards we have arranged for this year, including a new t-shirt, limited edition postcard packs, poster print of the 2016 K-Fest artwork by award winning artists Lorraine McDonnell, a spectacular aluminium print of the same and also a personalised K-Fest to K-Fest calendar!

We hope that your generosity will help make K-Fest 2016 bigger and better than ever. Money raised through Fund it will help us to cover many of these costs. Bands need to be paid for, artists’ expenses need to be covered, programmes need to be printed, posters printed and distributed, advertising and media coverage needs to be secured... The list goes on.

The K-Fest committee comprises of local artists, musicians, business people, teachers and volunteers from other walks of life. The sub-committees for the different disciplines work closely with the finance officer to ensure we get maximum bang for our bucks.

By contributing to K-Fest you’re not just guaranteeing yourself the best weekend out of the year - you’re supporting the creativity and careers of dozens of talented artists and creating a showcase for Ireland’s creative talent.



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