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Patron's wanted for Ka tet's new Record

By Kyle Dee


Hi guys!

We're Ka tet, a rock trio from Galway.

A few years ago we self-produced our debut Album 'Arcadia' from our practice space in the midst of the wild countryside of the West of Ireland. We were overwhelmed with the reception the album received from the general public. It has been more successful than we could have ever hoped, having gained us national radio play, consistently clocking up more and more views on Youtube, as well as providing us with the opportunity to tour outside of Ireland last year.

Since finishing touring, we've been very busy writing a follow up record that we are equally proud of and we hope will be just as well received when its released.

We're keen to make sure this next record sounds as good as it possibly can, which means enrolling the help of a professional producer and the use of a world class studio. However to do this we need your help to raise the money needed for the project.

We were pretty happy with the sound we managed to achieve with our last record given the basic technology and little knowledge we had at our disposal, but we feel like our fans deserve something that will really show off what we have in mind for Ka tet and how far we've come thanks to you guys.

To make this record sound as big as it can and to really do the music justice, we're hoping to record in some of the best studio's in the country with one of the most knowledgeable producers in the country.

Of course professionalism of this level comes at a price. The €2000 we are trying to raise will enable us to have a couple of days pre-production with our producer, a few days of recording in a professional studio, and will also cover the mixing and mastering of the EP.

So we're asking for your help again. If you'd like to hear a new record by Ka tet and in return grab some unique rewards as a thank you from us for your support, then please sponsor our project and we promise to do our very best to create something special with your money.

Thanks Friends ;)