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Keep Out of Reach of Children

By Cal McGhee


6-year-old Elliot has just been diagnosed with ADHD and placed on prescription meds. All he wants is a little baby brother to play with, but his mother is adamant against it, relying on birth control pills to avoid expanding her brood. His anxious, pill-popping teenage brother is too busy studying for his exams to play with him, and his father is hooked on sleeping pills to battle insomnia. In retaliation, Elliot decides to swap around his family's medication and take pleasure in watching his household unravel, which leads to some life-changing consequences...

In addition to our roles as full-time post-production assistants, we each exhibit a talent for the different facets of the film-making process, be it colour-grading, audio sampling, screenwriting or general editing. Between us, we have been at the helm of many shorts from 2011-2015 including 'How I Met Your Ma', 'Hunz', 'Cal/Calpurnia' and 'The Sound of Silence'.

We are determined to create a professional, polished short that we could confidently submit to be part of the film festival circuit, and in order to do so we need financial backing to support the hire of equipment and the expensive post-production process. We are also personally funding this short in terms of submission fees to film festivals upon completion.

The funds we raise will secure the hire of a 70D Canon camera as well as gimbles, mics, tripods and access to Avid Media Composer to give the short a beautiful finish in terms of colour grading and certain visual effects, however we are also looking at securing funding for:

  1. Equipment hire
  2. Actor fees
  3. Location fees
  4. Travel/subsistence
  5. Professional post-production fees
  6. Costuming and make up
  7. Film festival submissions
  8. DVD burning

The post-production process can take longer than expected to complete, however we have enough experience under our belts to churn out a polished short in time for the upcoming 2017 film festival deadlines. Our preliminary shooting dates take place between 12th July - 29th July, with an exact date still very much incumbent on how much we raise. We also offer an exclusive screening of the short upon completion which will take place in Dublin, the venue and dates are to be announced but I will personally see to it that you are contacted in relation to this. Our established contact list within Ireland's film industry is also an indispensable commodity to the project that will no doubt come in handy.

We are in the midst of an exciting and equally intimidating period for Irish film whereby crowd funding sources are a necessity for upcoming filmmakers, and without your generous contributions there would be no place to showcase emerging talent. For this, we thank you whole-heartedly and sincerely.



We are funded!

Dear known funders and anonymous angels, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of you near and far who have contributed towards this short! Until now, I could not allow myself to think of the project as 'real' and now that it is not only a possibility but a definite, I am absolutely overwhelmed and brightly looking on to the future. I'm still blown away by the level of support we've received and even more surprised at just how much of a difference some raffle prizes make at a pub quiz! We had an enormous amount of encouragement from the media, featuring in several newspapers and magazines, radio interviews and help on social media. We truly believe the level of interest in the short was genuine and we are more than ready to deliver. Right now, we're busying ourselves with call sheets, shot lists and essentially 'red tape', gaining permission from different locations and studios for what we plan to do. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, we will also bear in mind the schedule that we have promised you, as we aim to have all of the rewards set up once the film is finished and has been released. We'll be in touch regularly with updates both here and on social media regarding filming developments and possible new job roles, as we did not quite anticipate the importance of 100% professional audio work for this particular project. Now that the countdown to the crowdfunding deadline is over, we'll make sure the hype won't die down as we wait till the end of the year for release, so please do keep in touch with us on social media and share any questions that you may have for this film. We'll be actively online during production sharing behind-the-scenes photos/videos and provide you with more of an insight to the members of our team. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, and I promise to deliver a project that reflects the warmth and kindness of all of you. xxxx

LMFM Radio Interview/Echo article

We featured on LMFM radio today discussing the short in further detail. Watch out for our appearance in the Echo soon!

Huge thank you!

Huge thank you to those who showed up to our pub quiz last night! We managed to raise over 500 euro and had a ball at the same time. Almost countdown time now - thank you to those who have supported so far!

Pub Quiz Event Monday 12th June

We're throwing our first Pub Quiz event to raise funds for the project! See more details here and come along if you enjoy some good movie trivia! Lots of prizes to be won. https://www.facebook.com/events/100124647259401/?acontext={"ref":"25","sid_reminder":"6647551545237831680","action_history":"null"}

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