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Keith Burke’s Album Fundraiser

By Keith Burke And The Little Black Book


Keith Burke’s Album fundraiser
Keith Burke is a Dublin based songwriter noted for both his vocals and guitar playing style. He stages a live show as part of "Keith Burke and the Little Black Book". Listeners often see themselves in his stories. He has honed his craft in many small and medium sized venues in Dublin and throughout Europe. His songs have been played on several national radio stations in Ireland.

Those who have played with Keith include legendary saxophonist John Earle, renowned blues pianist Salvatore Urbano, well-known fiddle player Sinead Madden and collaborator, pianist and arranger Anja Kuncic.

"A mix between Tom Waits, Nick Drake and James Taylor" - Tony Fenton

What the money will be used for:
Recording studio, engineer & producer fees,
Session drummer and bassist
Audio mastering fees

Intro to the story of the album:
I’d like people to have a recording of these songs. I have written them over the past few years and people who have come to the concerts have heard them in various incarnations. Some have been modified, added to or had the name changed. I think they are ready now and I’m planning for them to be well-recorded in a studio and to be put together in album form.

People have been so supportive of my music up to now and I am truly grateful. I hope to raise some of the money for the project though this Fund it campaign.

Possible track listing:
1. Sounds like something John might play
2. A brother to hear me out
3. Cut our teeth
4. Say the words again
5. Little girl of the sun
6. Crazy babe
7. She packed her bags in secret
8. I am not asleep
9. Hey come on now be real
10. The making of a saint

Thanks and dedications:
Some truly talented people are involved in the project and have already generously given their time in planning and rehearsing the material. My good friends and professional musicians have charted and helped arrange some of the new songs. I am fortunate that people believe so strongly in the project giving it the momentum to happen.



It's been over 5 years

"These Boys" came out in 2016... and it wouldn't have happened without your help. So it's time... 

This morning I launched a new crowd funder. I hope to record an album of new songs this year... as soon as covid allows us back in the studio. As live concerts haven't been happening for over a year... it's been hard to fund music and artistic projects.

The songs have been written and charted and the band have been working hard behind the scenes making demos. I've put together my crowd funder with some interesting rewards so people can get in early. Take a look... and help me make this album happen. Much appreciated.



work in progress the songs are coming alive

We made it. :) We've now spent four days in Orphan Studios working on the album. It was intense, it was hard work, it was fun and it was exhausting. The whole experience so far has been extremely rich. The songs are coming to life... I think this is the best thing I've ever done musically. We always wanted to record as many instruments at the same time as possible. We've been able to do that here... it makes a big difference. The aim is to let the songs breath and move in a human way. Anja has laid down the piano and with a little help from producer Gavin Glass she did some Hammond Organs. Dave Mooney has done all the bass lines both electric and upright. Sinead Madden has yet to do the backing vocals but she's played fiddle on five of the tracks so far. Olivier Ansaldi put tenor sax down on two tracks. We've had three different drummers. We've to fix some guitars, add some cello, put the final vocals on some of the tracks and then get it mixed and masterd. I'm already thinking about where and when the launch gig should be. It looks like November is a good time. There are lots of photographs of the whole process on the facebook pages. I've now been sent the list of who opted for which prize in the fundit campaign. It looks like I'll be writting for some time. :) I better get started. You've been amazing. It's happening... I'm still shovelling industrial quantities of heart and soul into it. It's gonna be great. Many thanks, Keith

Past the half way mark

I wish I could share some of the messages of support from people contributing to this project anoymously. It's so encouraging. We're past the half way point and there are still over two weeks to go. It's also a pleasure to work with the talented and professional musicans Anja Kuncic and Dave Mooney in rehearsals. The very wonderful and well known Sinead Madden has been singing and playing violin with me for a few years. I am thrilled she is on board for these recordings too. Dave Keegan is booked in on the drums and to quote another talented and well-known Irish musican just two days ago... Enda Reilly, while asking how preparations were going, said "you're not going to find better than Dave Keegan on drums". Thanks, Keith

Amazing generosity so far. Thank you.

Unbelievably generous response so far. I've only begun publicising this project. Many thanks so far. People have even been slipping me envelopes with contributions in them... telling me on the QT that they are big fans of my songs... (some people I thought didn't even like me). Such a pleasant surprise.

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