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Kerry Film Festival 2014

By Kerry Film Festival


Kerry Film Festival is a pioneering and internationally recognised film festival taking place across County Kerry from 4 – 11 October. A jam packed week of film screenings, workshops, events and exhibitions, Kerry Film Festival is a countywide festival and a vital element of Kerry’s cultural landscape bringing new and outstanding films and filmmakers to towns across Kerry every year.

Kerry Film Festival is the second largest arts festival in County Kerry and its run by a small team of dedicated part time staff and volunteers. Combining their interests, their professional experience and more importantly their sheer passion for film and the festival, the team works together to make KFF happen.

The festival turns 15 this year and is planning to celebrate with a bumper programme. We will be bringing filmmakers and industry professionals from Ireland and across the globe to participate in an anniversary programme that includes live film score performances, internationally renowned directors’ talks, award winning features, unique film events and exhibitions. A multi venue and multi location festival, KFF brings films to places films have never been and with the festival venues from Listowel to Waterville and everywhere in between there is plenty to choose from.

KFF actively celebrates and encourages young filmmakers. Running a short film competition for emerging filmmakers judged by a calibre international jury, and along with a debut feature screening, workshops, showcases for emerging international and local talent, an international festival exchange programme and networking opportunities AND a 50 hr film shoot, KFF is without doubt dedicated to filmmaking!

What else? Well there are groundbreaking documentary and narrative features throughout the week, and the festival has 2 other unique programme strands: live film score performances as well as a showcase of the best in cutting edge Transmedia film projects. In 2013 Polish duo SzaZa performed live to Polanski’s early short films and The Kissinger Twins edited their film Suferrosa to a live audience. There’ll be more of that in 2014!

What will we do with your support?

The whole gamut really: programming, hospitality and marketing. The funds raised through this campaign will directly support a number of unique film events, allow Kerry Film Festival bring former award winners and filmmakers back to Ireland for this landmark year, and make sure the world gets to know about it.

Kerry Film Festival is a non profit organisation and needs all the support it can get. That means we need you, your generosity and your passion for the arts. We need your contribution, no matter how small and we will do the rest.

In return you will receive rewards that will ensure you get to enjoy the festival and the special events you have helped make happen. So support us, join us, and celebrate 15 years of great films and filmmaking in Kerry this October!



Closing Scene

Dear Fundit Supporters, Our campaign is embarking on its final day and we've moved even closer to our target! Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past few days, and to all those who have sent pledge amounts directly to the office; so much of the 2014 festival will happen because of you! We do have a bit to go, so I urge you once more to remind your friends and colleagues about this campaign and let them know what great rewards come with making a pledge. Kerry has been receiving a lot of press these past few days in relation to film, lets keep that the theme for the week and make the closing scene of KFF's campaign one to remember and Kerry a place recognised for truly supporting film! Thank you all. The KFF Team

Last few fulrongs

Dear Fundit supporters, We're approaching the final few furlongs of our campaign race but you'll see that we're short of the target. Efforts are being made to get us moving closer to our goal over the last day of this campaign and I know we can do it. You have all believed we could, and we know there are others believers out there, but we just have to give them a little nudge :) Keep spreading the word, keep the faith, and to quote a great movie that Kerry can now call it's own 'May the Force be with You' (I really mean, Us) :) Thank you for helping us reach this point in the campaign and if the force is indeed with us we will raise a toast at KFF14 this October! Mos Eisley here we come! The KFF Team.

Last push

Hi everyone, So we're into the last week of our campaign and we've still a bit to go to reach our target. Kerry is making headlines this week with news that the fabulous Skellig Michael could be used as a location in Star Wars VII; exciting times for film in Kerry!! This festival has been a big part of Kerry's film activities over the years and we'll be celebrating and remembering that at our upcoming festival. The KFF team is working tirelessly to raise support through this campaign and I would ask that you continue to show your support by encouraging others to do the same. We look forward to sending you your rewards and to enjoying a great festival with you all this October!

10 days to go

Dear Funders, Our pledges are up to 22% and we've 10 days to go. I'm thrilled to say that so far we have raised enough funds to pay for 10 filmmakers to attend this year's festival. Please spread the word and help us reach our target so that we can bring these 10 filmmakers and many more to KFF14!! Thank you all for your generosity and support! The KFF Team.

2 weeks gone, 2 to go

Thanks to all those who have generously pledged funds to our campaign over the past 2 weeks; we're thrilled we're off and running! Its slow and steady, and with people like you willing us on I know we can keep it going. Please do let people you know that you've supported us, and encourage them to do the same. The festival programme is shaping up day by day so if you're in line for some ticket rewards, you're definitely in for some treats! Lets hope we make our target, that way we get to thank you all properly at a great festival this in October!

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