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Hi there!

My name is Anthony Keigher, a recent graduate of NCAD, visual artist and performer based in Dublin City. Thank you for taking a moment to check out our Fund it campaign!

I’m here looking to fund the development and production of a show entitled KITSCHCOCK. The show will be the result of collaboration between myself and a troupe of talented individuals, collaboratively known as X & CO, to premier at Dublin Fringe Festival this Autumn.

The premise of the show is a ‘Promotional Tour’ and ‘Pop Concert’ for Pop Star wanna-be ‘Xnthony’, a fictional, extroverted performer obsessed with Pop Superstardom. The content of the production will make reference to the many different forms of ‘Celebrity Frameworks’ we are exposed to everyday including merchandising, branding and talk shows.

KITSCHCOCK will also delve into the mind of our pop-star protagonist Xnthony – investigating the anxieties and insecurities that exist within the art of self-creation, in a world that continues to blur the line between public and private identities.

The inspiration for much of the production is derived from intimate interviews held between Xnthony - his fans and contemporaries with the aim of bringing the ‘process’ of making work center-stage within an environment that flips back and forth from brash extroversion to heartfelt intimacy.

I am really lucky to have a vibrant group of creatives on board the project. These include the Dramaturgical guidance of Dan Colley (MONSTER/CLOCK, Human Child) with lighting design by Ciaran O’Melia (The Year of Magical Wanking, Death of the Tradesmen). Olwyn Kelly and Annique Van Niekierk of NCAD will head the Costume development with Set Design by Interior Designer Daniel Nolan.

I’m really excited to reveal that there will be a musical side to KITSCHCOCK. Music is something I have been eager to explore for a long time and now with Darragh Jáuregui-Hogan’s direction and Dublin Pride Music Group I can give Xnthony the essential tools to reach true pop-star potential!

However, to reach our goal we need your help. We are looking to fund the cost of costumes, lighting, set, insurance, travel, marketing and administration. Most importantly we want to fund a portion of the fees for the artists and collaborators involved.

So - if after watching our video you’re still feeling the KITSCH itch – don’t let it linger - get involved and help us on our way!

For more information or to view previous work please visit www.xnthony.com.