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Ladies Night - A Play

By The House Presents


This project is about giving a voice to people and more particularly to the larger than life women running the brothels of Monto, the infamous area known for being frequented by everyone from James Joyce to the British Royal family. Today, even the names of the streets have been changed to leave no trace of its former decadence. By funding this project, you will help bring out the untold story that played a part in the formation of our state.

Staging it in Annesley house under the moniker of the 5 Lamps Arts Festival fits perfectly: our goal is to bring to life the untold memories and ghosts that once walked our streets.
Ladies night will be staged with a cast of six and will also feature explosive live music from the era. Through tunes and songs, you will be given the unique opportunity to go back in a time erased from our history books.

Fionnuala Halpin is an artist and writer based in the North Strand.  Her versatile artwork is regularly exhibited around the city. She also studied acting and has worked on stage and screen here and abroad as well as teaching drama and art for several years to students of all ages. Engaged and inspired by her local area she is one of the founders of the very successful MudIsland Community Garden, winner of several prizes in a relatively short existence. Her interest in the history and the hidden stories that lie beneath the streets of her area along with this unusual patchwork of passions, creativity and experiences all come to existence in her latest venture: Ladies Night – A Play. 

The cast are composed of actors and musicians from all ranges of backgrounds. Actor Ciaran Kenny and musician Ger Loughlin are members of the Dublin City Workingmans band- an upbeat trad group not seen enough on Dublin stages. Michelle Costello and Mary O'Doherty are seasoned performers who take to the stage as Madams like old pro's. Elaine Treacy is making her acting debut but already looks like she's been walking the streets (boards) for years. More cast members to be announced.

The money raised will ensure that the actors and musicians who will be part of this adventure will be paid a reasonable fee. Weeks of rehearsals represent a very costly dedication for people who rely on acting work to live. It's a leap of faith but we're ready to take it and we can't do it without you.

Thank you so much for your support!