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Language of the Mute

By Parthalonians Theatre Co.


Language of the Mute is a world premier and the first play to be produced by acclaimed novelist and short story writer Jack Harte and is directed by award winning director Liam Halligan. It will be staged at The New Theatre, 43 East Essex Street, Dublin 2 for two weeks from 24th August until 5th September.

In Language of the Mute, Alan thinks he has stumbled into a nightmare, and so he has, but is it his own nightmare or the country's? Out of this nightmare there is no exit but through the gateway of truth where crimes are named and punished, where the consequences of those crimes can be purged, where shattered lives can be re-assembled through the agency of love.

One of the central issues of this play is communication and language. It addresses the irony of young people being enthused about the national language and simultaneously deprived of the words to express their experience. This play is about the abuse of power, it addresses how a charismatic individual can misuse his charm and his power to damage the lives of the young people to whom he has a duty of care. However, the play also addresses how courage, determination and love can begin the healing process and it is ultimately a celebration of the human spirit.

Jack Harte’s stories have been translated into ten languages. His novel, In the wake of the Bagger, was included in the guide book - 101 Irish Books you Must Read - and the Irish Independent declared it to be 'one of the great books about Ireland'. His second novel, Reflections in a Tar-Barrel, was first published in Bulgaria where it was a major success. Another recent book, Unravelling the Spiral, is a biography of the sculptor Fred Conlon. He worked at many occupations, including teacher and School Principal. Jack Harte founded the Irish Writers Centre and the Irish Writers Union.

With your support Parthalonians Theatre Productions will be able to provide a highly professional production at an affordable cost for the widest possible audience. All money raised through Fund it will go towards the expense of mounting this production. These include cast, crew, set, costume, design, print, etc. We have assembled a team of highly experienced theatre professionals led by acclaimed director Liam Halligan, designer Eoin Lennon with actors Michael O’Sullivan, Aoife Moore, Colm O’Brien and Matthew O’Brien.