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Laura Elizabeth Hughes, debut EP

By Laura


Rollback: I'm 13, terrified, and standing on a little stage in front of a packed school hall. I sang, and it marks the moment that my heart realised that THAT is what I was meant to do with my life. (Granted, my heart didn't let me, or my head, know fully until a good few years later.)

With the help of two of the most wonderful teachers and my parents, (y'all know who you are!), my love was nurtured and I began molding years worth of journals to a new shape.. Song.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and the power and beauty of words is something I will always stand by... because even in their absence they make an impact on a person.

I love beautifully written words, and I had never intended on these being shown to the world, because I was scared of what people would think. But still needed music in my life. So I began uploading videos of other songs that I loved and felt resonated with me, to YouTube (That's possibly where you know me from :p) I would have never imagined that a million views and thousands of subscribers on YouTube and Facebook would follow... I was just delighted with the odd comment I'd receive!

So, what was the moment my heart and head met and had a chat about life?

Three days during the week of the 12th November 2012.
I found a manager, well, he found me, who believes in me 100%, then I found myself getting quite emotional while recording my songs, and THEN I met my musical idol. Three days, ladies and gentlemen. I was overwhelmed.

The night I met Justin Vernon sealed the deal for me (Bon Iver for those who don't know – go look that up right now!) Having talked about music with him I said “My heart knows that someday I want my music to touch and inspire people like yours has done for me..” His response? “Do it. Make it happen.” So, I 'm doing it.

Since then, I have been working my bum off gigging and writing my heart out, and have just finished recording the first song off an EP to be released at the end of the Summer. I've been working with the most incredible people and musicians over the past couple of months (y'all also know who you are, x) and I really wish to continue. That's why I'm here, on Fund it.

The plan is, with your generous help, to be able to directly fund the cost of recording/mixing/online distribution and a video for my debut EP. It will allow me to work with the musicians, now very good friends, whom I have been working so well with, to create something beautiful. There are rewards in the plentiful, with a genuine Laura touch in thanks for your support.

Love x



My technological inability.

Hey guys! I'm so soooooo sorry I am technologically incapable! I will have a free download link for my EP sent out to each and everyone of you today :D Also! I have sent out packages to the people who emailed me on their address... to those who received, I hope you enjoyed :) If you pledged for a reward the requires me to send you something, please do email me on lauraelizabethmusic@gmail.com so I can get your gifts to you :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Love x


Hey lovelies! I've sent out several emails about sending out your rewards! Alas only a few have replied :( Soooo.... if you could check the email address you used for an email (or a few) from lauraelizabethmusic@gmail.com (it may have gone into your spam folder) and get back to me so I can send out the rewards you deserve for helping me out so much :) Hope your week is going well :) Love x

Soooo close!

Hey guys! Excuse the lack of contact since august, I've been up to my eyes getting the finishing touches on most of the project... The EP is finished! And will be released very soon! You shall all receive your lovely rewards and EPs then :D I'm really looking forward to sharing this with you all, and I am delighted that I've got to share the process with you too. Thank you for the patience, the belief, the faith, and the love.. Laura x

The End..

Hallo :) My God.. I am sorry there has been a delay in an update of thank you.. I have been up to my eyes becaauuuuuse... I am fully in the midst of recording the EP that you guys have helped me create :D I am enjoying this all something fierce and it's all pedal to the metal to get this done for you guys.. and myself too :) Thank you so so so so much for everything you have done for me.. It means the world. Love x

Final Stretch!

Hallo!! Just a quick update... So we've come to the final day of my campaign, and that means it's your final chance to contribute to the project! One final last push to get those funds up... Share share share and please do contribute if you can, even just pre-buy the EP that you guys have made possible and I will love thee forever more! Pinky promise! :p Thank for everything to this date.. Love x


Quick note from me... Would ya look at that... almost at the €5000 mark! I am delighted with life right now!! I've been busy writing and gigging the past few weeks, all in preparation for the recording of the EP...and I am sooo excited to get started properly! I've had to take a few days off singing (and talking - much to my mother's delight :P ) to rest my voice. It's a little sore and a very tired bunny with how much it's being worked! Although, I guess it's allowed a few days off given how much it's working! BUT. I am so happy with how everything is coming together, and I cannot wait to get into studio in the coming weeks. Again, thank you for the support and belief! It's inspiring. Love x

What a weekend!

Hope you're all well! What a full week I've had! I was on with Ray Foley and JP on Dublin's 98fm, National Radio, on Wednesday morning promoting my gigs and the Fund:It! Mad morning show so it is :) So, including that, I've had 6 gigs this week! 6! All the busy! From those gigs I've reached more funders and added another €815 which is fantastic! So thank you to those new funders :) I'd also like to say a special and public thank you to Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick who has offered to create a portrait of me to use in my artwork. He's done amazing portraits and artwork for some of Ireland's finest musicians (Thin Lizzy in particular) and has created iconic works of Art (notably the two-toned portrait of Che Guevara). My mind is a little bit blown at this.... To blow my mind even further, a funder has offered the full amount needed to cover the mastering costs at Abbey Road. Pretty amazing huh... That just leaves me with the 2 music videos left to fund, in the next two weeks, and then the proper kickstart to my musical journey begins.. ALL THE EXCITEMENT IN AND AROUND MY FACE. *cough* So... eh... Please do continue to share the link for my Fund:It, every little helps as they say... And thank you for the incredible support you've shown me so far <3 Love x

All I cay say is WOW.

My God.... 100% reached, less than half way through the campaign! What can I say? Thank you is the biggest thing I can say!! So, what next... There are other things that would be a huge help, and having seen the support so far, with the fact that there is time left on the project I guess I'm gonna put those things out to the Universe and see if more amazing things can happen... So, i've reached everything I need for the recording process, but I'm going to add some more items to the target... - 2 Music Videos at €1000 and €600 each, respectively), and to improve the Mastering of the EP and have it done in one of the most famous mastering houses in the world - Abbey Road Studios, London (Made famous by The Beatles o.O ) for €500... That leaves me with €1985 left to raise over the next three weeks.. Anything that helps me get there is absolutely incredible, because to get where I am now has gobsmacked me and left me a little overwhelmed at the support. Thank you... Love x

Quick Update

Hello lovlies! So, since my last update, I've been flat out writing and getting my head down gig and writing wise, in preparation for this EP. Busy bunny so I am! I have also been spending a good chunk of that time clicking on to this page, hitting the refresh button every now and again, only to find more contributions each time... I am stupidly happy with how things are going! Look at all those contributions! Go team!! Massive thanks to all those who have chipped into my project so far! There is still a way to go though, so spread the word to those who you think may enjoy getting an EP for €5! (or more if they so wish) :) Thanks again, and talk soon... Have a wonderful weekend! Love x

Fundit video blog #1.

Hi everybody, my fund:it campaign has been live for 7 days and it has been a brilliant week. I did my first ever headline show to a full house in Whelans venue, my video was played on national TV, Dublinconcerts.ie gave me an amazing review and selected me as the first soloist to be their artist of the week. To top it all off the Sunday Independent ran a half page interview I did, they even said I was 'Ireland's newest musical star' Which was very nice of them :-) I've made a video with more info about this fund:it campaign, I hope you enjoy it and if you do please consider making a contribution or sharing this page with someone who might like it! Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T6x6nO5LiHo I'm off to do another interview now and am then rehearsing for my first gig in Galway, this Friday night at Roisin Dubh. I'll make another activity update real soon. Love x

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