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Laura needs some machines.

By Laura Angell


I am an installation artist from Northern England and have lived and studied in Ireland for the last ten years I use sewing, embroidery and making to explore and observe the darker side of emotional lives but hopefully with humour. My practice focuses on anxiety, failure and success as subject matter.I like to take conventional crafty things and use then in an unconventional fine art way.

Knitting machines are no longer being produced except for industrial purposes so I would like to get hold of one before they become obsolete.When I was18 I studied fashion which influences my work now and was taught to use these machines I made a small collection but have never had the opportunity to own one of these machines.The over-locker is used in conjunction with knitting machine to cut and seal in edges and would be very useful in all facets of my practice.I can see endless and exciting possibilities with these machine that can be used for years to come.

These machines will help me experiment and add another strand to my practice.I don,t want my work to become boring.

I want to take my Anxiety Heads from the 2D to the 3D form and possibly make sculptural forms culminating in an exhibition which all donators will be invited to thanked and acknowledged.

An artist friend suggested I try Fund it after saying to him I wanted to try this idea out, and he kindly plonked 10 Euros in my hand and said get started, so here I am.....




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