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le cool Dublin walking tours

By Le Cool Dublin


Incorporating elements of the city which have become staples of le cool content such as pop-ups, new collectives and initiatives, we are hoping to share these 'of the moment' living culture experiences. The continually evolving two-hour tour will reflect the now and engage with people behind initiatives which are reshaping the city in vibrant and meaningful ways. Find out about DIY culture, street art, fashion, emerging music and literature, artists, hidden historical gems and the latest trends.

Internationally le cool prides itself on its recommendations and insights being offered as if by a friend. The le cool Dublin tour will model itself on this motto offering an insider take on our most recent cultural developments.

We are looking for your support to develop the tour and internationally promote Dublin as a destination of choice for contemporary cultural connoisseurs.

Where will your money go?

We've been working on this idea since last autumn and hope to have it reach fruition in the coming months. We want to make it the best tour that ever there was. However, developing and marketing this to our target market is both costly and time consuming. To this extent, your funding will help towards launching this tour in Ireland and abroad. We also want to be able to ensure we can include elements in the tour which highlight the very best that this city has to offer. Our aim is to further promote Dublin as a city of living culture.

le cool Dublin tour is being developed by Michael McDermott (publisher), Ciaran Walsh (editor) and Irene O'Brien. le cool Dublin is grateful to our host of wonderful writers, friends and readers.

A HUGE thanks for your help.