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LEAD US NOT (Feature Film)

By Alan Mulligan



‘For as people we are only human’


In a collaborative effort with talented actors and crew members, we as a team, aim to shoot this film later this year. In order to do this, we need funds for the unavoidable costs, which are essential to making a great film.
This is one of the funding avenues that we are strongly relying on and we are hoping to raise as much as possible. All funds raised will go directly to the production costs of the film.
With your help, it is our goal to bring this dark story of temptation to life through a beautifully shot film. Be part of making the film ‘Lead Us Not’.


The script has been two years in the making. The initial concept for the story was to explore that moment in life when things are not going well for you and you feel disconnected and frustrated, that internal feeling of anger. But yet, you know societies rules and you know not to break them. Now ask yourself, what would be the thing that would make you finally lose your control, make you take matters into your own hands and to disregard societies expectations of you?

For James Allen, this moment is the moment his mother becomes seriously ill. The only person in the world he feels connected to.
We all can relate to that moment where a loved one takes a turn of ill health and we cannot accept it, yet, we still act appropriately! Well, James Allen doesn’t. He takes control, by losing control.



There are a lot of amazingly talented people getting involved in this project and continuing to join the Lead Us Not team. Below are just a few of the people who have been connected with the project from an early stage of the script writing process.

DANIEL BALTEANU – Cinematographer

Graduated with a BA in photographic media from Griffith College. He has won film awards for ‘Best Cinematography’ and has also received numerous awards in photography.


Recently starred in season 4 of RTE’s successful drama series ‘Love Hate’, and just finished shooting the feature film ‘Spider’s Trap’ earlier this year, in which, she played a leading role.


He is a recent graduate of the prestigious 'acting for film' school known as The Factory, and he made his screen debut in Terry McMahon's 'Patrick's Day' earlier this year.


Anthony possesses one of those very creative minds and has co-written and produced successful short films.

ALAN MULLIGAN - Writer / Director / Producer

Thank you for your support and for being part of the ‘Lead Us Not’ team.

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The Limit Of - Cinema release

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience and support. We are finally releasing 'The Limit Of' (formerly 'Lead Us Not') in Ireland on April 5th which is next Friday!!

Rte guide are hosting a 'First Look' screening in the Savoy Cinema (Dublin) this Tuesday night which is very exciting. It all seems to be happening fast over the last few weeks, but it's an acculmulation of work over the last few years. We had a successful festival run after it's world premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh which was over a year and half ago now!

There have been other factors outside of my control that slowed us down at certain periods of the journey. Myself and Anthony when we asked for your support, said we wanted to do the dream of making a film and with your help, it was made possible. So on behalf of myself, Anthony and of course all the cast and crew, thank you so much.

Things are a little crazy at the moment but just wanted to drop a quick mail to you all so you can share in this release. It's opening next weekend and will be in Mayo Movie World, Mayo. Eye Cinema, Galway. Gate Cinema, Cork. And in Dublin it will be in Savoy Cinema, O'Connell Street, Dublin 1. Santry Cinema. Tallaght Cinema.

I really hope anyone who has not seen it yet, gets to see it on the big screen in all it's glory :).

I hope that is enough news for now, as things are a bit crazy but have been meaning to message for a while. It's just difficult guaranteeing things in the industry, as the cinema release negotiations have been ongoing for nearly 8 months at this stage. So finally it is happening!


Thank you all.

Chat soon.



Hi everyone,

It's been a crazy few months and things are moving but it's such a slow process.

Since the Galway film festival premiere I have been working non-stop in the background making contacts, networking, finishing off parts of the film, creating public awareness and finding suitable international film festivalals, along with position ourselves for possible awards.

Recently some of the work being done has had some reward. The film has obtained a Sales Agent based in Vienna. Their job will be to sell the film to different regions throughout the world. It will be difficult as the market is competitive but they believe in the film.

We are delighted to be able to say that the film has just received an IFTA nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress, for the performance by the talented Sarah Carroll. The IFTA ceremony will be on the 15th February and we are keeping our fingers crossed for Sarah.

Going forward we will continue to look for international festivals and a possible cinema release nationally. These are in the works, but nothing is certain until contracts are signed.

Until all of these run their course, the film has to remain private. Hopefully there will be more screenings during the coming months, and we will make sure to inform you all. When the film runs it's course we will be providing you all with your benefits for your generous pledgees, which without, there would not be a  film. You are the reason we have a film at the IFTA's. It's a very big achievement for an unfunded film to be recognised by  IFTA.

Thanks you everyone and congrats, if anyone has any questions please contact me directly on   themulligan4@gmail.com 





PREMIERE Announcement

Hello everyone. It has been a while since an update. A lot has happened in the meantime. It's been a mix of heaven and hell but am glad to say that the project is alive and kicking and we finally have some good news. It is not officially announced yet but I wanted to let you know that our film has been selected to premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh, which is one of the most renowned film festivals in Europe. Galway are not only screening the premiere of the film BUT they are making it one of their top billing movies of the festival. They are screening it on their main stage. Back when we were asking you for your help and I spoke about helping us achieve a dream.... this truly is the dream start for an independent film. We could not have wished for better. Thank you. There is lots of other news and updates to come. The main one is that the name of the film has changed. It is now called..... ................THE LIMIT OF................... I will give you more information in the next week or so, as there is a lot of work still being finished at the moment to be ready in time for Galway. Please keep the date free and get your asses to the premiere. We want to share it with you. It is on Thursday 13th, 10pm. More details to come soon. On behalf of Myself, Anthony and the cast and crew.....THANK YOU for believing in us and pledging to help us achieve this dream. Fingers crossed it will be a strong platform for the launch of the film. Will be in touch shortly. Alan & Anthony

Lead Us Not - In Post Production

After a lot of mountains to be climbed and with the help of your donations 'Lead Us Not' was shot over a very intense 17 days in April of this year. During shooting, over 40 people lent their time to making this happen, and most were involved in the months running up to shooting. Initially the film was to be shot in November 2014 but unfortunately shooting had to be postponed at the very last minute, due to busy schedules, location issues and a bit of bad luck, which was devastating to all involved after months of prep. But thankfully we got to regroup and overcome the issues to complete the shoot in April 2015. Now the project is in post production and we are delighted to have Colin Campbell come on board as editor, who currently has a film being released in Irish cinemas this month called 'you're ugly too', starring Aidan Gillen, which we wish him every success with. The post production will take some time, between getting things right and also working around the schedules of the right people of whom we want to be involved in the project. Apologies for the delayed update. We are working hard in the background. No beach parties or celebrations as of yet :) On behalf of everyone involved in the film, thank you again for your donation. Alan & Anthony


Hey Guys, be careful if you are changing the amount of your pledge as there is only the one amount that will be taken from your account at the end of the campaign. EXAMPLE: If you initially pledge 100 euro and you wish to INCREASE it by 20 euro, you enter in the amount 120 and THIS amount will be taken at the end. This is important as some people have wanted to increase their pledge but have ended up reducing it by accident. Thank you for all the generosity and support so far. It means a lot to myself, Anthony, all the cast and crew. You are directly helping this film become a reality. All the best, Alan

Quick update

We are location scouting at the moment. Been in Wexford twice, Limerick, Tipperary, Ballinasloe and Mayo looking at potential locations for the film. We have secured a perfect location for the Bank in Mayo with the help of Joe Kelly IRD, and Harve Kelly. Going to Waterford, Meath, Limerick and Mayo again in next 3 days. All going well. The actors cast so far are really getting to know their characters which is excitig to see. Thank you for the continued support. Just under 3 weeks remaining to hit target.

Great support so far

Thank you to all the people who have donated so far. Things are going great. Some very strong actors coming on board and more to be announced shortly! We have secured an amazing location for the bank scenes which are to be shot in Mayo. Please keep supporting.

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