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"Leaving Dublin " by David Monahan

By David Monahan


My name is David Monahan since graduating from Art School in the late nineties I have worked as a photographer and fine art printer for many Irish cultural institutions whilst building in parallel my own personal art practise.

Leaving Dublin is my largest project to date. It commenced in march 2010 and has captured a moment before over 100 people set sail for a new life.
Your pledge to this project will help make it monumental. As such the cost of producing a fitting tribute to those who moved during these times is a high one.

Thirty 1 X 1.3 metre prints to the highest production standards will cost over €300 each.

The fantastic news it that almost half of the funding has been raised and the remaining €5000 needs to be raised from your pledges.

For over two years I have been capturing a moment just before Ireland's young and talented become voluntary exiles.

These images are shot at night at a location of the sitters choosing.

Each background has a particular significance for the subject and the idea is to make a heroic shot, to celebrate the person, to say they are full of pride, full of dignity, they are strong, upright and confident!

I fully recognise the difference between this and previous waves of emigration and at the same time I acknowledge that the quest remains the same - the search for a better life... The work honours the courage behind the decision and the fact that moving to a different country can dramatically shape the future lives of those who leave, and has huge impact on those left behind.

Emigration is tinged with all sorts of emotion, the sadness of seeing loved ones go, the anticipation of those who leave - sometimes uncertain, other times full of confidence, and "Leaving Dublin" reminds us of the intensely personal nature of such a decision.

To date the work has been internationally acknowledged as a metaphor for our times, C.B.S. News, The New York TImes, The Toronto Star, The Immigration Museum Melbourne Australia and many others, for details see the links page on http://davidmonahan.viewbook.com

Big thanks!



Fund:it project mow live

Hi Again, the project Beyond Leaving is now live please check it out at http://fundit.ie/project/beyond-leaving Please support and share the project on all of your social networking platforms. Please excuse cross postings. David

Beyond Leaving David monahan

Hi thank you all so much for your support of this project in 2012. It was a huge success and the works were seen by over 130,000 people since completion of the fund:it campaign. You may be aware that the project continued on to produce a book, which you may have contributed to also. In any case a heartfelt thank you to you all. Now I move towards the final chapter in my work. which helps to tell the story of our people during this time. It is timely as the Central Statistics Office only last month declared the period of net emigration to be over. Beyond Leaving is a new series and the title of the upcoming show. The final movement in a suite of works that spans the period of net emigration. The work features a series of over 25 new large scale (1metre x 1.3metre) photographic works shot in 2016 on location in Dublin, Toronto, Ohio, Chicago, Surrey and Wicklow. It will hang for 4 months from November to late February 2017 at the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin. The work also features video, interview, text and artefact made over the entire period of the works and is a timely appraisal of a dark period of Irish, European and World history from the perspective of people who left Ireland during this time. A fund:it campaign for this exhibition is going live later today and I would like to ask all of you to take a look, share the project on your social networks and if you can, support the work by making a pledge. It will help to make this show engaging and effective in creating dialogue around the issues raised during this time. So that.s Beyond Leaving, David Monahan. Thank you.

the peoples choice

hi all i was not aware that photoireland festival were running a peoples choice competition. had I realised this i would have encouraged all and sundry to go to the photoireland site and vote for anyhow lets remedy this. to vote for living -leaving just copy and paste the link below into your browser. just below the title like either the facebook,twitter or google+ icons and that counts as 1 vote. thank you for your continued support and now lets make this project the peoples choice,your choice. http://2012.photoireland.org/program/david-monahan-maurice-gunning/

sunday talk

hi All please remember that i am talking about my work at 3 oclock tomorrow sunday july 15 for you my funders if you can come along to the exhibition space at the NPA in meeting house square tomorrow. Postcards have been dispatched to the four corners of the world and will find there way back you all in due course can I ask you all once more (even those who have allredy ) to send me your postal address on a mail to dmon@me.com and title the mail fundit postcard. I am starting to shoot my reward t55 pictures too this week so all of those who qualify i hope to see you tomorrow to set about making a plan!! thanks again this has been a fantastic project. david

its up!!

hi all big thanks the show opened on a beautiful night on meeting house square and all was fantastic,it couldnt have not gone smoother. The hang was flawlessly executed by Ian Monahan and Nigel Payne,with a little help from me.Pete Smyth dropped in to deal with the vinyl and that was that!! Thanks again for the high level of support you have show towards this project and look forward to greeting you in the space. I propose to give tour of the show on Sunday the 15th at 3pm. if this does not suit there will be an open talk on tuesday july the 10th. any questions please mail me at dmon@me.com BIGTHANKS AGAIN!! david

ready to fly

hi all,the last two weeks have been hectic. All has gone extremely well and all is ready to hang. we get into the space on monday morning and I cant wait to see how all progresses till the opening on thursday. I have received the postcards from the printers and I will dispatch them to CanadaJapan,the Nederlands,U.S.A.,and New Zealand on monday,for posting to all of you who qualify. for those of you who have not sent on an adress please do so as this is a really nice reward!! I propose to give tours of the show on Sunday the 8th wednesday the 11th,and friday the 13 all at 3pm.Could those who qualify please let me know when thy wish to attend. During the expo I will be announcing the details for making my t55 portraits so keep an eye to your mail,and thanks again David Monahan dublin(staying) june30th,2012

regarding rewards

hi all Iwill be emailing all of you individually tomorrow regarding your rewards and how best to bring this to fruition for each of the different types and pledge amounts once more Big thanks david

final post!!!

I have got to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you my friends and supporters of this project from the early stages. I promise you a great experience in fulfilling your rewards for your fantastic pledges and a great exhibition fitting of all of the sitters of the leaving dublin project BIGTHANKS!!! DAVID MONAHAN DUBLIN MAY 29TH 2012

things hanging a little!

hi all thanks for all the great support to date . It looks like things are hanging a little now with the deadline looming I am obviously getting very nervous. PLEASE make one big shout out to friends and connections on all social networks as I believe this can make the difference and get this campaign over the line. once more big thanks to all david

actual colours

hi all we are slowly and steadily working our way toward our goal with a successful campaign in sight. I would now ask all of you (who have done a great job so far). To make one last effort to make friends and colleagues aware of this fundit campaign by passing them the address below. Or indeed any of these articles which carry a direct link to the fundit page http://tinyurl.com/bwfagx2 or http://tinyurl.com/csb26ah also today an international photography blog picked up on the project and upcoming show and its the very impressive actual colors may vary site.Please spread the word. http://actualcolorsmayvary.com/2012/05/david-monahan-leaving-dublin/ bigthanks as always david

Walking The Wall

walking this wall,well its precarious, no doubt, but when the end comes and success is in sight,mmmall will come good! Big thanks again to all as we approach 70% there is a new post relating to this project over at the lilliputian blog page right now the address is http://thelillipution.blogspot.com/2012/05/walking-wall.html as always Bigthanks!! David

Irish Time lends support

great news today with a short article on the Irish times Generation Emigration blog. You can see it here http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/2012/05/17/leaving-dublin-exhibition-of-emigrant-portraits-needs-your-help/ please share this link and encourage your contacts to visit to lend their support. big thanks for all your support and lets keep it climbing!


Big thanks to all who have supported this campaign so far .Your generous pledges have taken the fund over 57% to date. Things have been so busy and I am continuing prep work to move to the production stage soon. Please help along by sharing and posting to all of your social networks its such an effective way to bring this campaign to a bigger audience! i have made a short video piece to help thing along and if you may ,please share it also.Its at https://vimeo.com/42268203 Big thanks as always david

almost up to 50%

hi all we are knocking on the door with almost 50% raised 3 people have gone for the type55 option (€150pledge) and they will not be disappointed! It would be great if all of you now activated your social networks and made them aware of this campaign now that your weight is firmly,financially behind this process. So please,start announcing and pushing this link on facebook and on twitter http://tinyurl.com/d3k4j47 for your entertainement you can see the cbs news report from january 2011 featuring myself and Aoife Odonnell right at this address http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/01/22/eveningnews/main7273066.shtml?tag=mncol;lst;9 big thanks to you all for your fantastic support so far as on we roll towards July 5th!! david

type 55 update and video link

thaks to all pledgers so far we are over 30% of the way there so delighted to be pushing along at such a pace. The message on the last post re the type 55 reward sems to have made a difference,so hope to receive some more pledges of that magnitude as it is a great opportunity for all. Also you can see once more the six one news piece from early april by clicking on the www.rte.ie link at the end of the profile page. thanks David

a short post on reward "type 55 portrait"

a short post with info on the real value of this superb reward is available here http://networkedblogs.com/xjWqT

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