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Les SalAmandas - Debut Album

By Les SalAmandas


Who are Les SalAmandas?

Our journey together started in West Cork,Ireland in October 2018.We worked together in a cafe and  quickly became friends and soon bandmates. We met up one evening, talked about our lives, drank wine and our first song 'Rejane' was born. A couple of weeks later we went along as punters to ‘Secret Song’ festival in Levis' Corner House.Little did we know then that we would be invited to play this amazing festival just one year later ! 
Something clicked for us the day we wrote that first song  and since then we have kept on writing and playing music together. We have now come to the  point where we have an albums worth of original songs that we're extemely proud of. So lets go make an album.

Your Contribution

What your money goes towards:


What your money will not go towards:

-Social media work done by ourselves and the management team
-Some audio Engineering Costs
-Musicians Fees


Our Producer

Daniel Ledwell is an award winning Canadian producer who has had the honour of being annoyed by us quite regularly. It turns out that he's extemely patient which is great. It also turns out that Dan is an innovative producer who’s worked with many artists we admire and who have inspired us.  
As this has been our first recording venture, we are delighted to have found someone we click with so well, and someone who understands what our music is about and the direction it can take. Although until now we’ve had to work remotely, back and forth over video calls, what Daniel has helped us create is that little bit of magic and now is the time to go to Nova Scotia to meet him in real life and finish our album.

Some rewards which involve live performances or visits may be delayed due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, however we commit to follow through on all of our rewards no matter how far in the future this may be.

Making an album is an expensive process. It has been challenging for us to raise funds as live gig opportunities have been far and few between over the last 18 months.

With our crowdfunding we aim to cover as much of the album costs as possible.However if we do surpass our target it will go towards the remainder of the album expenses .Any other costs  will be covered by ourselves, and by the  work and time put in by our amazing team.


Thank you!

We are so excited to be making an album,

Thank you so much to our amazing friends and family, our community, and everyone who supports us, we’ll never be able to say it enough.

Thank you for helping us making this dream come true. 

Your support and contribution means so much.

Thank you.


Julie, Colyne,

Les SalAmandas


PHOTO CREDITS: Jason Lee, Colm Rooney, Amhlaoibh McSweeney, Muireann Wolfe, Aspect Photography. 

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