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Les SalAmandas - Debut Album

By Les SalAmandas


Who are Les SalAmandas?

Our journey together started in West Cork,Ireland in October 2018.We worked together in a cafe and  quickly became friends and soon bandmates. We met up one evening, talked about our lives, drank wine and our first song 'Rejane' was born. A couple of weeks later we went along as punters to ‘Secret Song’ festival in Levis' Corner House.Little did we know then that we would be invited to play this amazing festival just one year later ! 
Something clicked for us the day we wrote that first song  and since then we have kept on writing and playing music together. We have now come to the  point where we have an albums worth of original songs that we're extemely proud of. So lets go make an album.

Your Contribution

What your money goes towards:


What your money will not go towards:

-Social media work done by ourselves and the management team
-Some audio Engineering Costs
-Musicians Fees


Our Producer

Daniel Ledwell is an award winning Canadian producer who has had the honour of being annoyed by us quite regularly. It turns out that he's extemely patient which is great. It also turns out that Dan is an innovative producer who’s worked with many artists we admire and who have inspired us.  
As this has been our first recording venture, we are delighted to have found someone we click with so well, and someone who understands what our music is about and the direction it can take. Although until now we’ve had to work remotely, back and forth over video calls, what Daniel has helped us create is that little bit of magic and now is the time to go to Nova Scotia to meet him in real life and finish our album.

Some rewards which involve live performances or visits may be delayed due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, however we commit to follow through on all of our rewards no matter how far in the future this may be.

Making an album is an expensive process. It has been challenging for us to raise funds as live gig opportunities have been far and few between over the last 18 months.

With our crowdfunding we aim to cover as much of the album costs as possible.However if we do surpass our target it will go towards the remainder of the album expenses .Any other costs  will be covered by ourselves, and by the  work and time put in by our amazing team.


Thank you!

We are so excited to be making an album,

Thank you so much to our amazing friends and family, our community, and everyone who supports us, we’ll never be able to say it enough.

Thank you for helping us making this dream come true. 

Your support and contribution means so much.

Thank you.


Julie, Colyne,

Les SalAmandas


PHOTO CREDITS: Jason Lee, Colm Rooney, Amhlaoibh McSweeney, Muireann Wolfe, Aspect Photography. 

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Anniversary Updates

Hello Lovely Folk 

It has been one year since the launch of the Les Salamandas’ Debut Album crowdfunding campaign. A whole year! So we were thinking NOW IS THE TIME... for another update. 

In September 2021 a wild notion took us to Nova Scotia, Canada, to record the album with award winning producer Daniel Lewell. We spent 12 days in the recording studio. A first for both of us. And we had the time of our lives. 


Having begun the process with Daniel remotely, it was very exciting to be in the studio, hearing the songs we had written together come to life. Discussing what instruments to add and trying out new (sometimes dodgy) backing vocals, fueled by our Canadian version of Budds coffee (it was a place called Morleys and we loved it). It felt like we were hearing them for the first time. We headed home feeling as if we had lived a whole life in Nova Scotia while at the same time feeling like we’d watched it from afar. 


We were sad to go but happy to be back in West Cork, where we told everyone and their mother about the amazing album that we had made… but there was a lot more work to be done. Lots of listening, tweaking, and sending feedback to Daniel (producer). Long conversations about the volume of the guitar, dance parties to the new trombone solo and the occasional heated discussion about whose vocal cannot be heard.. :)


  Playing the album over and over as we mopped the floors in Levis’, blaring it out in the car on our West Cork road trips and through headphones at Audley. Then there was the Mastering stage – making the mixed tracks work together through the album, creating consistency. We have a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into making an album!! And most importantly after (possibly) a million listens we still LOVE this collection of songs we have created. We are very proud of this album and every step it has taken to get here.


So Where We Are Now


October 2022 everything is ready, the masters are done! We’ve selected images for the cover (both taken by local West Cork photographers). We cannot wait for you to see them. We think we have a title. We penned the credits, which like most things for us was very emotional, many many amazing people to thank. We played our first tour of Irish Music Festivals (LSA road trips include occasionally getting lost and denting the car), printed T-Shirts. Shouted high and loud about the album.


And finally we’ve ordered the Physical Vinyls and the CD, and have listened to the Vinyl Test Pressing!! So now we wait & take a breath. 


So much has happened since that day we got on the plane to Canada (mainly that we now tell everyone we meet that we went to Canada..). We could hardly believe at the time what was happening. Along the way we have worked with incredible musicians all of whom have been generous with their time and support. It is an amazing community. We’ve learned a lot of lessons (we now know that one of us is allergic to camping.. ), but we know we have worked really hard because we wanted to make the best album we could. We know that we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to create, & for that we thank you for supporting the Les SalAmandas campaign. 


To top all this off, this morning we received an email to say we were nominated for the RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards 2022 for best emerging artist! We’ll be off up to the big smoke in 2 weeks to see how we get on!


We look forward to seeing you all at the gigs as we tour the World with this album. Yess! Ballydehob Abú. 

Thank you thank you thank you for your support and your patience, we’re getting there we promise!!

Julie & Colyne
Lots of love
Les SalAmandas xxx 


Album baby

Hello, everyone,

It's been 10 months since we started the fund it campaign.. I know.. we could have had a baby in this time and ye still don't have the album? But we're getting there.

We wanted to give an update and let you know we haven't forgotten about the album or about you.

Over the last few months we've been working on many aspects of the project to try and get things over the line and things are beginning to take shape. This week in particular we've had a few exciting things come together that we can't wait to share. 

We can't say thank you enough times, we so appreciate what you've contributed, what you are helping us create. 


Lots of love

Les SalAmandas xx


We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Twelve months ago, the idea of the album started floating around our heads. We had no idea how we'd achieve this but we told everyone it was gonna happen. I guess we're better at manifesting than we knew because now it's beginning to come alive. 

There are so many people to thank and give credit to, but a huge part of this is you, our funders. You have helped make this album. Thank you!


We will keep ye updated on the rewards!


Ye are all brilliant and kind and we're overwhelmed and delighted with the generosity and kindness ye have shown to us and our album project. 

Just one day left now to hit the million mark :)

Tell everyone. 


Lots of love x

Les SalAmandas 

We reached 10K

Thanks a million for your contribution! 
We reach 10K and we're gonna keep on going. 
There is still time for people to contribute. All the money over the 10K will go towards the extra cost. 

Thanks so much xxx 


Hey guys! 
That's it, the final push! 
Only 2 days left to donate. 
A huge thank you to all our funders so far. You are amazing

Le projet avance 2.0

Comme je le disais, on vient juste de recevoir les premiers mixes de l'album et on a hâte de le vous faire écouter!!!! 

Il vous reste encore 8 jours pour parler de notre projet avec tout le monde. 

Encore un immense merci à vous tous pour vos contribution. 

Pleins d'amour 


Les SalAmandas 

Le projet avance!!!

Salut tout le monde! 

Cela fait un petit moment maintenant que l'on ne vous a pas donné de nouvelles. 
Cette fois ci j'ai décidé de vous la faire en français ahah. 

Ca fait maintenant 15 jours que nous sommes rentrées du Canada et l'on vient tout juste de recevoir les premiers mixtes de l'album

Little update on our project

Hey guys! 

We just wanted to say thank you to all of you who funded our project already. It means so much to us. 


As we are writing, we are in Canada with our producer Daniel recording the album. We are so proud and happy of what we are creating! 
We can't wait to share it with all of you. 

We will be posting videos about our trip really soon on our YouTube channel. 

Thanks again so much to everyone 

Lots of love 


Les SalAmandas 


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