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By David Souto


Hello, My name is David Souto and I am a basque filmmaker based in Galway for the last decade. I am directing this documentary because of the humanity of the central figure, Liam. I decided to use the Camino of St James as our scenario to tell the story because I feel it is a life changing event and an adventure that ends in Galicia where my roots come from. Our next move aims to capture a week of treatment in Atlanta USA which will attempt to improve Liam's condition and it is going to be crucial for our film.

Soon after completing 7 years in the French Foreign Legion, Liam Cullinane contracted a devastating case of meningitis at the age of 26. Left with severe brain damage, he began a remarkable 20 year journey of recovery. His extra-ordinary determination and strong-will brought him through a relentless regime of intense physical and brain therapy. He never gave up and sought out ground-breaking treatments along the way. 

Through his unceasing commitment, focus and discipline, Liam has regained the ability to walk once again ... a feat many thought he would never achieve. In 2014, he plans to undertake a new journey of exploration and adventure, when he walks the Camino of St James and we want to document his inspiring story. However, right now we need your support.

We want to document his journey on the 29th of July to Atlanta USA for specialist treatment. The funding raised by your pledges on Fund it will used to pay for the flight tickets and production costs for the week abroad. I plan to shoot a whole scene for the final film, also, part of this footage will be used on our next trailer to approach the networks and funding bodies for a more complex budget to finalise the documentary by November 2014.

Liam's story is remarkable, not just because of the sheer magnitude of his achievements, but also for his unfailing humour, intelligence, inquisitive mind and passion for adventure and exploration that gives all of us hope and courage. In a world of unworthy heroes, Liam is the real thing.

Your support will allow us capture these moments.



Mission acomplished

Hello all, Liam has improved a lot. We have great footage of it. Thank you all for your generosity. You can find some pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.495019310582739.1073741830.468078309943506&type=3

Thank you to all funders

Liam and myself wanted to thank you all for your generosity. We are busy with the preparations for the trip to Atlanta. We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you very much!

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Although we have reached the original target, the level of support has motivated us to improve the quality to the best possible level. Therefore we would appreciate your continued support to allow us to have better equipment and an extra person on the crew. Thank you very much!!!!

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