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Lir MFA Director/Designer Showcase

By Elizabeth Swanson


We are the next generation of theatre makers in Ireland and we want to thrill you with our work, but we need your support to achieve our ambitious plans. We have a very small budget and big dreams! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our page. We really hope you’ll consider taking part in our season!

About us...

Last September, the Lir Academy of Dramatic Arts welcomed four directors and six designers as the first class of directing and design MFA students. The Lir Master in Fine Art programmes were designed to produce high-quality professional artists. We spent a year in class and in workshop productions, tutored by award winning Irish theatre-makers including Annabelle Comyn, Wayne Jordan, Monica Frawley, Sinead McKenna and Thomas Conway.

Now, at the end of our programme, we are presenting a season of four shows this August. These productions will capture the meticulous training and passion for craft that the Lir has nurtured in each of us. It has been a privilege to study and train at the Lir, and now we want to show you what we can do.
Each of the four productions will be very different, showcasing our highly individual tastes and inspirations. The productions will also provide the unique opportunity for Lir graduate actors, current students and professional Irish actors to work together for the first time. The one thing all four productions will have in common is their ambition, with bold, innovative staging and design. Irish theatre will never be the same again!

Why do we need money?

We are supported by the Lir, who will provide most of our budget. You will help us to take our productions a step further with lighting, set, and costumes, as well as allowing us to increase payment to actors, stage management and crew. You can make a huge difference in the quality of our productions, and, at the same time, support the future of Irish theatre. Then sit back and enjoy the show, with rewards at each contribution level designed to enhance your theatre-going experience.

Our Season:

The Lir, Studio 1 August 13-16
Written by Dawn King
Director - Louisa Sanfey *
Set and Costume Designer - Katie Foley *
Lighting Designer - Patrick Anthony *
Original Music by Morgan Cooke

The Lir, Studio 2 August 13-16
Written by David Greig
Director - Jennifer Shorstein *
Set/Lighting Designer - Rachel Kerns *
Costume Designer - Naomi Rossini *

The Lir, Studio 1 August 20-23
Written / Adapted by Nick Payne from the Sophocles version
Director - Elizabeth Swanson *
Set/Lighting Designer - Áine O’Hara *
Costume Designer - Naomi Rossini *
Composer - Kim Porcelli

The Ugly One
The Lir, Studio 2 August 20-23
by Marius von Mayenburg, translated by Maja Zade
Director - Eoghan Carrick *
Set and Costume Designer - Lisa Krugel *
Lighting Designer - Patrick Anthony *



Week 2/3 Rehearsals

Much excitement in the Lir rehearsal rooms as we enter week 2 (The Ugly One) and week 3 (Foxfinder, Electra, Midsummer) of rehearsals. Every day at lunch time, the green room is full of actors, assistant directors, designers, composers, stage managers, and directors who are eating, chatting, and resting between full, productive rehearsal sessions. We're getting very excited about these four plays, and we can't wait to share them with our wonderful fundit contributors!

Foxfinder Cast Announced

We're over the moon about Foxfinder's fabulous cast, which includes two Dublin actors and two Lir students. CAST Samuel Covey: Mark Fitzgerald Judith Covey: Nessa Matthews William Bloor: Colin Campbell Sarah Box: Karen McCartney

Electra Casting

Electra is gearing up to starts rehearsal on Monday morning. We're thrilled to bring together two Lir actors and three professional Dublin-based actors. Take a look at our talented cast! Electra - Katie Honan Clytemnestra - Úna Kavanagh Strophius - Gerard Lee Chrysothemis - Danielle O'Brien Orestes - Robert Thompson

Casting for The Ugly One

Here at the Lir, three of our productions are making final preparations to start rehearsals on Monday. Here's Eoghan Carrick's fabulous cast for The Ugly One. Ger Adlum - Lette Caitriona Ennis - Fanny Conal Keating - Karlmann Kevin Olohan - Scheffler Dylan Jones - Sound design Jessica Byrne - Stage management You can also follow us on our Facebook page. A gigantic 'thank you' to all of our contributors!https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lir-MFA-DirectorDesigner-Showcase/1428527927430678?id=1428527927430678&sk=info

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