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Little Bear

By Ger Duffy


This page has been setup by myself (Ger Duffy) and writer Daire Glynn in the hopes of raising enough money to fund our first short film "Little Bear".

The film is a story about a boy and a man. It stars Kieran O'Reilly (LOVE/HATE) as the man and Calum Heath (The Canal) as the boy.

Daire wrote the story a few years back and I (Ger) have been trying to wrestle it off him ever since as i really wanted to make it. So he finally gave in.

We have put countless hours into forming a tight budget for this project in order to make every penny count and to create something we can be proud of. Obviously if we were flush with funds we would go ahead and fund this ourselves but alas,we are not! Just 2 poor Assistant Directors looking to take the next step into becoming decent Directors.

The money that we make will go towards the following...
Equipment Rental including:
Camera and Lighting rental
Grip Rental (Dolly and Track etc)
Paid cast and crew for 2 day shoot in January
Post Production costs

It means we need your help.I think we have put together a decent rewards list. Have a scan and pledge all of your money!
Huge thanks for even taking the time to look at this page.

Ger and Daire




Hi Guys. Just to update you on where we are with the project. With the film we have picture locked and our Composer is putting his finishing touches to the little score. After that there is only a few things to tighten up on before we can say it's in the bag. Exciting stuff.As soon as it's all done we will put a date on a screening and get on to you all immediately. Regarding the rewards. We got our posters printed and are just finalizing the list for who gets what. We will be on to you over the coming weeks. Apologies for the delay. Ger and Daire

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