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Living With Trevor

By Len Collin


In 2009 my friend Barry had what doctors at first believed was a stroke, six months later a brain scan revealed an inoperable brain tumour. He was told that he had no more than five years left to live. However anyone who knows Barry, knows that he is a fighter, a man that likes to take on a challenge. He named the tumour Trevor and has learned to live life with a renewed vigor, knowing that each new day brings him closer to his last.

I have known Barry for fifteen years. He is a unique character, an ordinary man who's life has changed utterly. What has always characterised him is his humour and positivity. We are separated now by the Irish Sea, I live in Mayo and he lives in Essex. However we have had many long chats via Skype and Facebook, and Barry has enjoyed coming to Ireland a number of times, always taking back a box of Barry's Teabags as evidence of his visit. Although only in his early forties he has a lot to say about his condition and life in general. The idea of the documentary came about when we were discussing how he might pass on wisdom to his son. I realised then that there was a film to be made, a film that would be difficult [for me] to make, but would allow an ordinary man to say something about cancer, life, love, family, work and friends, to leave a legacy and perhaps inspire others. The longest anyone has lived with his condition is fifteen years, Barry hopes to defy the doctors and Trevor, not only surpassing the five years he has been given, but outlasting the fifteen years that is his personal target.

Your donation would be used to help make the documentary. Everyone who has agreed to work on the film is unpaid, but dedicated to it's realisation. We plan to film Barry over the next ten months. That involves renting equipment, a few ferry trips, petrol, renting accommodation when filming, all costs that mount up. Fifteen hundred Euro would go a long way to helping us make the documentary.

My name is Len Collin. I am a screenwriter by trade and have worked on many TV programmes in the past, including Eastenders, The Bill, The Clinic and Ultimate Force. In recent years I too have had a life change, employment has been hard to come by, I have returned to study and hope to become a filmmaker in my own right. This would be my first documentary.

I thank you for your time and to those who donate I am eternally grateful.

Len Collin
Director - Living With Trevor



Target Reached

Thank you all for your support. It's amazing that we have reached our target earlier. I am humbled. By all means if you haven't donated and still wish to, you can. Any money received will go straight into the production budget. Thank you once again and I hope we can make a film everyone will be proud of.

One week to go.

Well 8 days actually... but here's the important bit, if we don't hit the target we don't get a penny. €1150 raised so far with €350 to go. What the money will go towards: As a self funded filmmaker I have already spent out a good deal of money on the project. Upgrading equipment and traveling over to the UK to film. Your money will help pay for future travel - either by Ryanair or Ferry... whichever is cheapest. Accommodation when needed. And hopefully a monitor and a few spare batteries to make filming a little easier. Filming will take place over the course of the next ten months. Thank you to all for your support. Like our Facebook page to be kept up to date on developments. Help us smash our target by either: 1] Donating. [A tenner will do - it all counts] 2] Spreading the word. [Like the page, email the page, tell people about the page] Costs nothing but means a lot to us. 3] Posting on and liking our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/LivingWithTrevor - again costs nothing , but helps and encourages us. We need your support Thank you once again.

11 Days left €675 to go

Check out the new video at http://vimeo.com/54531967 We only have 11 days left. It would be great to get to €1000 by the end of the weekend.

New Video


First Footage in the Cans

Three very intense days of filming. Hours and hours of interviews. Quite draining. This however is only the beginning, laying the groundwork. Life is personal... death is universal. Thank you all for your support.

First Day Of Filming

I'm traveling today over to the UK to start filming. This will be the first of a number of trips. This time without a full crew. [Costs] But my trusty DSLR will start the work. Thank you to all the magnificent people who have donated so far. Please pass on this page, like on Facebook and donate if you can. I am currently struggling to fund this. So help is appreciated.

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The minimum donation on the site for this project is 10 Euro, which is around six pounds. However donate 20 Euro and you'll get a reward... as outlined. If you can't donate - and let's face it money is tight and it is coming up to Christmas - you can still help by liking this page, joining our facebook page or just pointing others to this page. Thank you for your interest and your help.

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