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LOVE+ and BlackCatfishMusketeer



They’re back. This August, LOVE+ (Spirit of Dublin Fringe) and BlackCatfishMusketeer (Best New Writing Nominee, Dublin Fringe 2016) hit the road, in a Mystery Festival in Mystery City! While we have to keep hush about some details, we can tell you that we’re PUMPED. Here’s a little info on both:

LOVE+ is about the inevitability of human/robot relationships. It’s not about whether or not we can love machines; we already do. It’s about what it’ll be like when they love us back. It asks: What happens to romance when there's a machine who cooks and cleans for you, never forgets your birthday or how you like your tea, holds you when you're crying, and still makes you cum?

BlackCatfishMusketeer isn’t about how the internet looks, it’s about how it feels. It’s about people getting to know each other through screens, and the presentation of old themes in new situations. It’s about trust, doubt, closeness at a distance, and fearing you'll die alone and cats will eat you.

MALAPROP is a Dublin based collective of emerging theatre-makers. Our work is bold, playful, and genre-spanning. We aim to challenge, delight, and speak to the world we live in (even when imagining different ones). Find out EVEN MORE about us at malaproptheatre.com

We are: Breffni Holahan, Claire O’Reilly, Dylan Coburn Gray, Molly O’Cathain, John Gunning, Maeve O’Mahony, and Carla Rogers.

Work to date includes LOVE+ (Spirit of Dublin Fringe 2015), BlackCatfishMusketeer (Best New Play Nominee, Dublin Fringe 2016), and JERICHO (Bewley’s Cafe Theatre commission, 2017). We are currently in development for our next production, Everything Not Saved, which will premiere in Project Arts Centre as part of Dublin Fringe 2017.

Mystery Festival in Mystery City is a great (the best) showcase for the shows and the company. We’re proud of our work so far and we want to challenge ourselves by bringing it to a shiny new audience. We are grateful and proud to be supported by Culture Ireland who will help us cover costs of travel and accommodation and be part of their programme in Mystery City this August.

However, there are numerous other costs involved in taking two shows abroad for a month in an extremely competitive market. The money raised with this campaign will go towards venue rental and registration fees, which would be a massive relief, especially with the plethora or other costs (*gulp*).

We’re less at risk than we might be. Beyond the help that we already have, we still need a big financial push in order to get space, get seen, and get the coverage that gets us further sales. Your support helps us get all those things, so the shows can be as successful as they possibly can be; please help us not fall at the money hurdle.

THANK YOU - not only to those who fund us here, but to anyone who’s ever come to our shows, retweeted our (admittedly emoji-heavy) tweets, or told a pal about us. You're our faves!



We've landed in Edinburgh!

Hello from Edinburgh! We travelled by train, plane, boat and automobile respectively, but Team #MalapropOnTour have made it to Edinburgh! Thanks to support from each and every one of you (and Culture Ireland), we have made it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Today we have our get-in and tech rehearsal in The Red Lecture Theatre in Summerhall, and we have our first preview of LOVE+ this Wednesday 2nd August. Once again thank you all for your support, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you! At this stage nearly all of our rewards have been sent out - some are still in transit, and others, such as the tickets to Everything Not Saved in September, and the special Malaprop dinner, will be organised in the coming weeks. If any of you will be around Edinburgh Fringe Festival please drop us a line! Everyone else can follow our progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@malaproptheatre)! Much LOVE+ and thanks, The MALAPROP team

THANK YOU | What's next? Rehearsals and rewards!

We're a week on from Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you for supporting our campaign and helping us reach our target in plenty of time. Your contributions will make our preparations for Edinburgh Fringe much smoother! Now that our target has been met, we have started work on the important business of thanking and rewarding you all -- tote bags are being printed, scripts bound and cards written! We will soon be in touch with each of you to finalise your chosen reward. In the meantime we are developing new work and rehearsing both LOVE+ and BlackCatfishMusketeer ahead of the festival - you can follow our progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@malaproptheatre)! LOVE+ and thanks, The MALAPROP team

We're going to Edinburgh!

Now that the programme has been announced, we are delighted to reveal that we the "Mystery Festival" we are headed to is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Both LOVE+ and BlackCatfishMusketeer will play in The Red Lecture Theatre in Summerhall throughout August. Huge thanks to all who have supported us so far, you've brought us one big step closer to Edinburgh!

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