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Lucia Joyce: Full Capacity

By Deirdre Mulrooney


"When she reaches her full capacity for rhythmic dancing, James Joyce may yet be known as his daughter's father" (Paris Times, 1928).  What might this heralded, but unfulfilled "full capacity" have comprised?  With Evanna Lynch as Lucia Joyce, we aim to make a short film paying tribute to overlooked Modern Dancer Lucia Joyce at the height of her powers in 1920s Paris, by focusing in on Berenice Abbott's important photograph of Lucia Joyce in her self-created and designed Silver Fish costume for the First International Festival of Dance at the Bal Bulier, Paris, in 1929, in which Lucia was a finalist. Claire Garvey will re-create Lucia's magical costume; Megan Kennedy will re-imagine Lucia's own choreography, channelled by Evanna Lynch, paying homage to the extraordinary but hitherto misunderstood modern dancer Lucia Joyce. Mella Travers will re-create Berenice Abbott's photograph with medium format Hasselblad, and Brian O'Leary, transitioning to the Arts from award-winning nature shoots, will film this transformation and choreography using state of the art lenses and camera kit - the hire of which will be made possible by this Fund it campaign. Each of these extraordinary collaborators is committed to restoring Lucia Joyce the artist into public consciousness.

Performer: Evanna Lynch
Choreographer: Megan Kennedy (www.junkensemble.com)
Director/Producer: Deirdre Mulrooney

Costume: Claire Garvey (www.clairegarvey.com)

Camera: (www.brianolearyphoto.com)
Editor: Aoife Carey (www.aoifecarey.com)
Photographer: Mella Travers (www.darkroom.ie)

Evanna Lynch, best known as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, will embody Lucia Joyce, a subject about which Evanna is passionate. We will watch this transformation happen with the creative collaboration and contribution of choreographer Megan Kennedy, costume designer Claire Garvey (www.clairegarvey.com), Director/ Dance Historian Deirdre Mulrooney (www.deirdremulrooney.com), photographer Mella Travers (www.mellatravers.com) of www.darkroom.ie, Cameraman Brian O'Leary (www.brianolearyphoto.com), and editor Aoife Carey (www.aoifecarey.com).

We are lucky to have a passionate team who are each individually committed to telling this important story of overlooked female genius in 20th Century Ireland. I believe that if we achieve our funding target nothing can stop this project from happening.

We feel this is an urgent project not only due to the important subject matter, but also due to the scarce availability of our key cast, Evanna Lynch (best known as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter), who is only availble for filming until the end of March, due to her imminent role in Stella Feehily's adaptation of Claudio Tolcachir's "The Omission of The Family Coleman" at Theatre Royal Bath from March 28th.  "Lucia Joyce: Full Capacity" must be created and filmed immediately while this fleeting opportunity exists to film Evanna Lynch channeling Lucia Joyce with this extraordinary team who are committed to restoring Lucia Joyce the artist into public consciousness. It is a passion project for all involved.

We are very grateful for your attention to this important project of cultural reclamation, which aims to restore misunderstood Modern Dancer Lucia Joyce to the pantheon of 20th Century Modern Dance history in Ireland. We aim to portray the luminous Lucia Joyce at the height of her powers - as never portrayed before.

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