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Lynda Cullen- Album Release

By Lynda Cullen


Hello there!

First of all, thank you for stopping by my Fundit project :-) As you may be aware, I've been intending for some time now to release a full album, and I feel that this is the time to do it!

Since the release of The Orange Tree EP, I've been lucky enough to have played with many excellent musicians, touring extensively throughout Ireland, and at various festivals in Germany, Austria and Sweden. I've written several new songs since then, and am looking forward to releasing them, some of which you have heard at live gigs. They are all ready to be recorded with the band, and we are hoping that you will be involved in this exciting process! The album will be ready by the end of this summer, and we will hold launches in Dublin, Gorey (for the folks at home) and Cork (where I live now:-)

As soon as we have finished this campaign, I'll be working with an excellent group of musicians, such as Brian Hassett on electric & double bass, Rory Dillon on drums & percussion, and the album will be recorded by renowned engineer Christian Best (who recently recorded Mick Flannery's new album Red to Blue).

On the left of this page you can see a list of rewards which you can avail of when you pledge a certain amount towards the project. Basically, I'm appealing to those who would buy an album when it's finished, to be involved in the making of the project, and receive the rewards afterwards:-)

Thanks so much for your support and please feel free to pass this link on to anyone who may be interested,

Many thanks:-)




Digital Download of Paper Boat!

Hi folks! I hope this e-mail finds you all well and happy wherever you are :-) I've had some messages from people who haven't received the e-mail with the download link..I sent out individual e-mails thinking it would be more personal, but now I'm just sending a group one in case there's anyone I left out, or if it found it's was into the spam box! :-) :-) :-) download link.. https://soundcloud.com/lynda-cullen Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the content! Thanks a million for all your support...writing is well under way for the next album! :-) xxx

Sending you your albums!

Hi there! By now, most of you have received your albums, and I'm very grateful to you for being so patient throughout this whole project. I 'm getting a real buzz out of going to the post office everyday with your CDs, and sending them off to all corners of the globe!! :-) I also love when people post up their pics of albums received. It all feels very complete then!! If you haven't gotten yours yet, it's because it's among the later batches sent out, simply because I couldn't write all the envelopes and notes in one go! But I promise you it's on its way!! I've contacted everyone to get their address, either through facebook or your e-mail address, so do check your inboxes please..there are some I don't yet have addresses for, just a few, but it's important that I get them to you!! For those who ordered downloads, I'm in the process of setting up a link, and I'll be in touch with that link in the coming days:-) For those who ordered SIGNED copies...as you see, the albums are shrink wrapped for their protection in transit, so I've written a short. personalised, handwritten note, and hope you'll slot this into your album cover when you take the wrapping off yourself. I thought it better that the album arrive to you in one piece!! :-) xxxx Artwork is also on the way..I'm waiting for the artist, Go Pan Ee to sign and scan the original painting to me...it seems right to have the artists name on such a beautiful piece of work. She is of course, credited on the album, but if I'm going to print posters, then her name HAS to be on it! That's all for now...will be in touch. Everyone should have their albums by the end of this week...let me know if you don't at lyndacullen@gmail.com. Thank you so so so much! Lynda :-) xxx

Paper Boat Album Launch at The Pavilion, Cork

Hello there!! I can't believe it's actually finally here, the launch of Paper Boat. Thank you all so so much for your support and your patience!! -Those of you who pre-ordered your hard copy of the album : Your name will be on a list, and your album will be there for you to collect at the launch. For those not coming to the launch, your album will be in the post to you next week! :-) -Those who pre-ordered digital downloads: You will be sent links to download the album next week. -Those who pre-ordered tickets to the launch: Your tickets will be available for collection at the door under your name plus one guest. Just tell them that you are on the FUNDIT list. (If you can't make it, you can pass the tickets on to someone else, no problem, just tell them to pretend to be you! ) :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoy the album. I have to say, I'm very proud of it!! Your support is very much appreciated! x Lynda :-)

Paper Boat Album Launch- April 24th!!

Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for your patience on this project! The album is finished!!! It feels good to be able to say that..finally :-) The launch will be on April 24th at The Pavilion, Cork. I have all your details and will be contacting you all individually to get your albums to you. Some would prefer to pick them up at the launch, as they have also pre-bought tickets, while others prefer their copies posted to them. I have all your details and will be iin touch with everyone to make sure you have the same address etc in the coming weeks. I just want to say a huge thanks for making this possible. Because of your faith in me to produce what YOU paid for, I've been able to work with the finest producer & musicians, and I can now deliver a product to you that I'm really and truly proud of! I really hope you enjoy the album :-) THANK YOU! :-) Lynda x

Almost there!!!!

Hello friends and ever so patient funders!! I'm happy to say that the album is reaching completion! It has taken a lot longer than I had hoped, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience. Obviously, these things take time, and with a full time day job etc, it's hard to find the time to get it all done. Now I'm not complaining in the least! I'm blessed to have a job I love, and to be able to make music and play gigs and I'm very grateful to be able to do both, but I'm sorry to you who have waited so long for your CDs and downloads. I'm hoping to officially release the album after Christmas, and I promise you'll be the first to know! I have all your details and will be in touch about the official launch, and getting your CDs and downloads delivered to you! Thanks again everyone! Lynda xxx

Thanks for your patience!!! All is looking good:-)

Hey Funders! I just want to let you know that though it has taken a lot longer than I thought, the album is shaping up very nicely and we couldn't have done it without your help! We are almost there, and it has been a wonderful experience seeing the songs come to life:-) I know that it has been a lot longer than anticipated, but I want to assure you that it'll be worth the wait! I have all your details here, and you'll be the first to know as soon as it's done! :-) Thanks again, for your patience and your support, Love, Lynda xxx

Hello Funders!!!

Hello there! Just wanted to give you some feedback as to how we are doing with the album! All is good, and we are on track so far. These things take time, but we are so so grateful for your help in getting this project off the ground. I'll be in touch individually with all of you to get your address to which the album will be sent, and to let you know how to downlaod your copy also. We'll be working into September on the project, but will keep you posted all the way!! :-) Please feel free to e-mail me personally on lyndacullen@gmail.com if you have any queries or questions. And.... THANK YOU!!! :-) Lynda xxx

We've done it!!!!! :-)

Hey there everybody! Am delighted to be able to say that we have done it, or rather, YOU have done it by pledging the total amount for our project. Am so happy and feel extremely lucky to be starting work, and just can't wait to be able to get your copy to you! I'll be in touch on a regular basis, with updates, storis, pics & videos from the studio etc. Thanks a million!!! :-) xxx

9 days left!!:-)

AAAHHH!! It's getting so close to the deadline. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with your support, thank you so so so much! The next week will be a tough one, trying to to get the word out and reach the target so I can get cracking on the recording. This is such an exciting time for me, and I really really appreciate that you have faith in the project. THANK YOU and spread the word!! :-) xxx

Thanks Funders!!!

Hey there, First of all, thanks so much for being part of the Fundit campaign for my album. I'm pleased to say that so far, the project is 16% funded, after only one week:-) I really appreciate your help in this, and can't wait to give you the finished product which you have pre-ordered and the various other rewards you have signed up for:-) Your pledge will go towards the recording, mixing, mastering & duplication of the album, as well as artwork and designed for the finished product. Please feel free to share the link to my project on your facebook page in order to encourage others to do the same:-) http://www.fundit.ie/project/lynda-cullen--album-release Thanks for having faith in the project! Lynda xxx :-)

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