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Macnas Parade 2013

By Macnas


Imagine a wild, artistic, magical event that is free to the public. An event that involves over 300 volunteers dressed in costume traveling through the streets. Now invisage giant sculptural images, glorious big beasts, huge puppets, live raucous music, thumping drum beats and an audience of 60,000 people gathered in collective celebration in a city in Ireland. This is a Macnas parade. This is a wonderful mix of art and heart where the public become the performers and take over the city streets. This year we need your help. We need €10,000 to bridge the gap and make the Macnas parade happen this October.

We have hundreds of people taking part in the parade and we need to costume them all so that they look and feel amazing. We need your help to transform our cast of hundreds from volunteers into dreamers, schemers, fools, misfits, inventors and engineers of imagination. We need to dream, design and create costumes, masks, props and music to deliver this parade for our community.

The Macnas parade is about you. It invites EVERYONE to access art. It is free, it is wild, it is creativity for the people by the people. This is a community ritual; a 26 year old tradition. It is under threat as an event and we need your help to sustain it. Help us ensure we don't lose this wonderful, magical event.

We are looking for €10,000 in fourteen days. We need your support and participation to make this happen. We have great rewards for our funders but hopefully the best reward will be you helping Macnas to bring an explosion of creativity onto the streets, for everyone to enjoy and be part of this autumn.

Please pledge, share and spread the word so we can set the streets of Galway alight with magic and mayhem on Sunday 27th October.

Thank you.
- Noeline and the Macnas team
September 2013