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Made in Belfast

By KGB Screen


Made in Belfast is the tale of a reclusive young novelist from Ireland who lives in Paris, and would be quite happy to stay there for the rest of his life - but one day circumstances conspire to bring him back to his hometown.

In a city that he barely recognises from the one that he left, he has one weekend to try to right the wrongs that he left behind.

Made in Belfast is the first project to be produced by the newly formed Belfast production company, KGB Films. Written and directed by Paul Kennedy, the film will shoot later this year and already has a very exciting cast largely in place. Ciaran McMenamin (One Hundred Mornings, To End All Wars), Bronagh Waugh (The Fall, Hollyoaks), Owen McDonnell (Saving The Titanic, Mount Pleasant), Stuart Graham (Hunger, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Lalor Roddy (Grabbers, Five Minutes of Heaven), and Ian Beattie (Alexander, Game of Thrones) are all attached, with more to come.

We genuinely believe that we are offering people the opportunity to become involved, to a small or large extent, with one of the most exciting projects to be produced in Ireland this year!



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