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Makings Debut Album

By Makings


Hello good people,
We're deliriously happy to announce that Makings Debut Album is finally on its way to you! It is due to be sculpted by the hands, ears and, hopefully, the very soul of the legendary producer Chris Potter, who has worked with The Verve, Blur and The Rolling Stones, to name but a few. If you were given the chance to work with one of your heroes, you'd be too excited to sleep, eat and do any of those things that boys usually do, too. Yep, it's safe to say that this baby of ours is nearly ready to pop out!

As many of you know, it's not easy in the music business without the financial backing of a label. We work long hours for little or no pay, all for the sheer enjoyment of creating something that's bigger than ourselves. The good news is we have managed to finance the bigger part of the album recording and production process without robbing a bank or committing any other heinous crimes. We've basically spent every penny we have, while also exhausting the limited loan options available to us as full-time musicians. After spending countless hours writing & re-writing, arranging & re-arranging, rehearsing & recording the material, we're at the final hurdle. The thing is, it's just a bit too high for our collective legs to jump and we need a helping hand up. We're so close to the finish line, yet so far.

That brings us to the essence of this campaign. We are seeking your help with the financing of the work that is still to be done on the album, the mixing and mastering.

So, dearest families, friends, fans,fellow musicians and other kind people out there who understand what it is to be an independent artist, if you can find it in your heart to pledge through this campaign, we will be eternally grateful. We'll finally get that good night's sleep, but only when our music is in some of the most capable hands there are & is gonna sound the best that it possibly can!

Please check our videos for the two singles from our debut EP 'Lunatic' (the title track video here), and our website on www.makingsmusic.com for other links. This is only a taste of what you can expect of our 14-track extravaganza of an album and we can't wait for you to hear it. So please do get involved and help us to push this baby out into the world!
Take a look at the rewards we've designed for you, and thanks so very much for your pledge. Whatever it is you can afford, we really do appreciate it. Go raibh mile maith agat & see you all at the album launch!

Paddy, Rick, Barry & Raul

‘Full of energy and edge’ Chris Potter

‘The new wave wonderment’ U&I Music Magazine

‘Insanely powerful in a live environment’ Music Review Unsigned

‘Full marks for exploring so far outside the box’ Hot Press



Almost here!

Greetings Fantastic Funders!!! How are you all keeping? Very well we hope! We trust you had a brilliant Summer & got to loads of gigs, festivals, hootenannys & shindigs!! We're just dropping you a little email to let you know what's happening here at Makings HQ.. Mixing/Mastering The mixing process has now come to an end and we've reached a place where everyone's more than happy with the songs. Up next is the Mastering & we've managed to get Chris Potter's go-to-guy Sabian Drazien in Fullsound Studios, London for this. He's doing his thing at the minute & if all goes to plan the album we've named 'Cognition' will be available for Digital Download this Friday the 18th of October. All you Legends who funded will be emailed exclusive download links & be able to download your album (& our first EP 'Lunatic' if applicable) straight away. Fundit Paarrrtaay/Single Launch 8th November We've decided to have the single launch in The Grand Social Venue, Lower Liffey St beside the Ha'penny Bridge, on Saturday the 8th of November. We hope you all can make it, it's gonna be absolutely rocking! We'll have just received the physical printed albums in the run up to that so you can all get your copies that night in the Grand Social. If any of you can't make it, we'll send them out to you by post! For those of you travelling from Donegal we're planning to run a coach from Ballybofey, leaving the Saturday afternoon & heading back on the Sunday. More details on that this week. 'Cognition' Launch We've decided not to officially launch the album until early next year, as we'll need more time to get the it into the hands of radio DJ's, Industry people, the press & to get as much media attention as possible for the Album, and the Album Launch itself. Happy days, another Launch Party in the New Year for everyone!! :-) So that's it for the moment people, there's exciting times ahead and the music is on it's way, just make sure to get your fine asses to the Party in the Grand Social on the 8th November for a night to remember!! Thanks so much for your patience and see you all very soon, Mucho Amor, Makings x

What's happening at Makings HQ..

Hello Kind Funders! Just a little update on what's happening here at Makings HQ. We've been flat out since the end of the Fundit campaign and are almost finished the production of the album. We're now down to the finishing touches on the last few tracks and should have them sent off to Chris Potter in Metropolis Studio (in Landan innit!) by the middle of next week. We received three new mixes from Chris this week and we're delighted with what we're getting back. There's plenty of tweaking to be done though, and a (strictly business) visit to London is on the cards!! The Fundit money you all have so kindly pledged has also come through this week, which is great timing as Chris Potter's manager will no doubt be on the blower soon looking for the rest of his fee. In other news 2 FM's Dan Hegarty has given our new track 'Heart Attack' a spin on his alternative show, and we've been invited onto a 11 a.m. 'Saturday Live' with Andrea Hayes (TV3) on Sunshine 106.8fm FM on the 12th of July. Tune in at noon http://sunshineradio.ie/listen/live if you'd like to hear some of the new tunes!! So that's the lowdown on what's happening at the minute guys. Thanks again for helping to fund this project, we'll chat again very soon. Take care, Makings

Go raibh maith agat!

We are absolutely thrilled to have exceeded the target and to announce that you will all be able to listen to our debut album this Summer! Thank you all so much! You can still secure any of the rewards listed between now and noon tomorrow, which will help us with costs of duplication of the album, so please do tell others about the campaign. Lucynda Lu's amazing artwork, as well as our album and other goodies can make a lovely pressie for someone you care for! Go raibh maith agat! Makings

We are approaching the last 3 days..

We are approaching the last 3 days of the Fund-it campaign and we would like say a big thank you to everyone who have taken the plunge with us so far! We are really moved by the support from our families, friends and other good people, who made a contribution to make this album of ours possible. Have you heard the two album teasers: 'Heart Attack' and 'Man on Fire'? If not run over to Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/makings - and have a listen, hopefully they will leave you craving for more. And we can't wait to give it to you! Thank you again for your continued support surrounding this campaign . Only 27% left to go and three days! Lets do it! Yours, Makings

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