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Maladies Of Country & Soul

By Jamie Mc Donald


After many years of touring, writing, performing, recording and paying my dues I want to do something new for my latest album.
Recording and touring this album with my full band is the aim of this campaign.
For the first time I will record a studio album in my hometown Carlow and then take it on the road around Ireland.
It's a simple aim but a huge challenge artistically and personally.

I have always loved music and pursued it as a career across many countries and through countless gigs, songs, bands and recordings. From the streets of my hometown I played across Ireland, then Europe and further afield.
After many years, myself and my small family are back in Carlow and so I decided I should finally record an album here.

Crowdfunding will allow me to fully realise this album and also present the songs on stage properly. Without the crowdfund, the album will possibly take too long and the tour might not even happen.
My only other funds are coming from my work in a restaurant but seeing as I am a family man I don't have a lot to spare.

Recording hours... €800 - 6 studio sessions @ 100 each plus
€200 for mixing and mastering

€300 - manufacturing of cds
€150 - miscellaneous marketing and artwork

€550 - touring expenses including rehearsal for full band, travel and accommodation

The risk and challenges are not only financial but also artistic and personal. With many years experience of touring and recording I have become adept at budgeting logistics and dealing with tours and musicians I hope to make a resounding success of this album and tour once I can get it out in front of people. Utilising contacts and previous experience I shall make the finest show yet of my strongest setlist of songs with

Thank you all so very much for taking the time, contributing what you can and being of support to the arts.
It's in your hands..