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Mandala Exhibition Smock Alley Dublin

By Patricia Fitzgerald


I have the opportunity to host an exhibition of my work at the beautiful Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin in early summer 2015. The Exhibition will feature over 20 works, but I need to get them framed first.... This will be my first solo exhibition and it has been a dream of mine since I can remember having dreams.

Creating mandala art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue for me. Within the human subconscious, there is an abundance of images; a wealth of connections and memory, built layer upon layer. As a contemplative person, I am driven to search through these images for meaning and significance. As an artist, I seek to refine this information and create personal works of substance and beauty. In the sharing of this work with an audience, the personal then becomes universal.

The wellspring of my inspiration can be found woven with strands garnered from scientific studies of the universe and its relationship to art and spirituality. This includes the study of geometry, physics, spirituality, astronomy and the examination of mandala making across time and place.

My work is entirely intuitive and is done in response to the emergence of a stressed and frantically paced life that has ensued for most people in Ireland post Celtic Tiger. Mandala making and art as a practice can be found right across the world, throughout all religions and none. The effect of the mandala on both myself as the creator and on anybody viewing the piece, is one of serenity and calmness. Indeed, it was to overcome stress within my own life that I began the practice. And the calmness that I have found can be transferred to the viewers of the pieces. A much needed break from the material to connect back to the soul and spirit

Forms of mandala can be found in many of the domes of the great buildings of Ireland, such as The National Library and National Museum of Ireland and City Hall to name but a few and indeed in Smock Alley Theatre itself. The geometry and proportions of these buildings are pleasing and somehow powerful to those who stand and contemplate the spaces. That is because these proportions are to be found in all of nature, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. By bringing these proportions and geometries into my art I aim to evoke a similar response.

The meshing of my creative impulses with a concentrated meditative practice, influenced by the ever changing world of science, forms the premise of my art making. Science informs the artistic spirit, but I as an artist question, enhance and employ it as a muse to inspire a connection to the complexities and mysteries of the invisible. Bringing the light and energy of the cosmos to the space in between the piece and the viewer. Each of my works is a kind of prayer, a brushstroke to the spirit if you like.



It's Funded!!! Thank you so Much!

Firstly I want to say thank you so very much for your support on this venture (adventure). It is a trip into the unknown for me, but somehow it feels compulsive. I could not possibly do this without your help. As Shakespeare so eloquently put it 'I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.' The House of Spirit Series of Mandalas which I have been creating for almost a year now, will be on exhibition in the Banquet Hall of Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 from May 2nd - May 12th. What a perfect venue with its wonderful Mandalas on the ceiling! There will be an opening night on Friday May 1st at 7pm and it would be lovely to see you there! 15% of the sales of any pieces will be donated to the charity Aware, helping people suffering with depression. As well as getting the work out into the world, the aim of this exhibition is to try to raise awareness of the many many healing benefits of the art of the mandala. I would like to thank all those who supported me in this venture, both financially through this Fundit campaign, those who gave me moral support and boosts when I needed them most (Maria!!) and the many people who have given me advice and support in kind. Many many thanks and I hope to see you on May 1st! Patricia xx www.healingcreations.ie

Day 8: 46% of the way there!!

Hello everyone, It's the 8th day of the campaign...and I am 46% of the way there! Thank you so very much for your generous support...it means such a lot to me. Today I spoke to the people in Aware, an Irish charity which supports people suffering from depression. I have chosen them to become my supported charity and 15% of an sales of artwork or merchandise from now on will be donated to Aware. It seems like the ideal choice, as the art of the mandala is a healing tool, bringing you into a meditative and calm state. There's a science to this. Psychologists, neurologists and researchers have found that by stimulating both sides of the brain (which mandala art is doing) our thought process becomes clearer, stress reduces, blood pressure lowers and the list goes on. Normally when we make decisions or review our day we use the left hemisphere of the brain, considered as rational. We often leave out the possibility of taking advantage of the benefits brought by the right hemisphere of the brain, such as creative imagination, serenity, capacity of synthesis and ease of memorization, among others. By drawing intuitively in the wholeness of the circle, we begin to get a much fuller picture of what is going on in our lives, our minds. We come to realise what is ours to keep and what is merely garbage to be taken from the well of the mind and soul. The word 'Mandala' is the ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'Circle' or 'Container of Spirit'. The well of your soul. It is an ancient technique that has been used across the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Indeed the Dali Lama and the Tibetan Monks create the most beautiful mandalas...and they are just about the calmest people on the planet! I have been creating mandalas almost every day now for three years. Sometimes it's a big one, when I have the time. If the day is busy, I will do a small one in my journal. Just focusing those thoughts, getting rid of what is not mine. It is a form of open-eyed meditation and it works wonders on spring cleaning the mind and soul. We take it for granted to take care of our physical bodies, our homes and the things external to us. With statistics on depression and suicide being now at an all time high in Ireland, it is now more important than ever to take the time to take care of mind, body and spirit. Thank you again so much for your support and please do keep sharing it! I've 54% left to go! Best wishes Patricia

Day Two

I sat wondering yesterday whether I had gone mad...the usual doubts....will anybody respond? And then the first pledge came in from one of my Facebook followers! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had a little dance around the kitchen let it be said. And then another 2 pledges popped in....and I don't know who they are at all! It is so affirming that you give me your support. I have never put the work physically out there and your belief in me and my plan means so much to me. And then today, another friend pledged. She doesn't do hugs...but I might try and nab one...and if not, take this as a virtual one Edel! This evening I got to hug my ex-husband who has been so supportive. Thank you Conor....and remember, it doesn't end with the pledge.... you have to help me carry all the work into the city ;-) Many many thanks to you all for getting the ball rolling! xx

Day One!

I am sitting here at the kitchen table and there are butterflies in my stomach...I have never done something like this before. But I tell myself 'you have vowed to do something you are afraid of each day.' Did I vow that? Yes I did! And so I am it seems. I tell myself that each time a person pledges something, a butterfly will take a nap....and my stomach will settle. I will definitely be drawing a Mandala tonight! Today I wish that one person will get the ball rolling to enable a butterfly to nap. Namaste, Patricia xx

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