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Marathon Men

By Earth Horizon Productions


Status of the project:
Earth Horizon exclusively filmed this story with their own funding and resources and now require post-production funding to bring it to completion. This will cover the last part of the editing costs, online, colour grade, sound mix, music etc. All the elements to bring it to a standard for film festivals and broadcast. Unfortunately RTE would not take the risk on funding this film as it was being made as they didn't think it would work. Now they are unwilling to support the film retrospectively. However we feel confident that this film will do well in the film festival circuit and RTE will take notice then.

The documentary film is being edited for feature length 70mins duration and if Fund it funding is successful it will screen on a cinema screen in Dublin for one night only. We already have one national broadcaster who has committed to screening the film once it is completed.

A select few do what so many others will never do; defy boundaries and break through barriers, starting with their own. They dare to take on what seems impossible; believing that nothing is beyond reach, anything is achievable. This certainly would not describe 40 year-old Gerry Duffy. A dream defying, self-believer he is not. “I was an overweight, heavy smoker going nowhere fast” he confesses. Gerry began jogging with nothing more than a new pair of runners and a desire to change. A year on, completing his first marathon, a feat of extreme endurance for any athlete, Gerry is left wondering, “What else have I been telling myself I can’t do?”

In July 2010, aged 44, Gerry and Ken Whitelaw begin an incredible challenge, to run 32 full marathons in 32 consecutive days: one marathon in each county on the island of Ireland. Their aim: to inspire people all over the country to come out and run and raise funds as well as awareness for Autism Ireland. What follows is a year of planning and months of exhaustive training for this unprecedented test of endurance, a challenge that will become much more than just a mark of personal triumph. If they succeed, it will be one of the greatest amateur sporting achievements in Irish history.

This story will go beyond the exploration of physical exertion and delve into the minds and motivations of two men who dare to redefine themselves, dare to do what so many thought impossible.

The approach:
A two-year catalogue of ob-doc footage will be interwoven with personal archive, stills and video diaries, all intercut with retrospective interviews with Gerry, Ken and the crew who share in the agony and ecstasy from the sidelines. Extensive aerial photography and picture postcard rural and urban GV’s take the viewer on a spectacular journey around Ireland.



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