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Mary Stuart

By Andy Cummins


MARY STUART (Mary Queen of Scots) by Friedrich Schiller

Schiller's MARY STUART is considered a classic masterpiece. We regard it as one of the most engaging and potent plays ever written. The theme of political struggle for power and supremacy is as relevant today as in the period in which it is set. How far would you go to secure your power? What is permissible, where should the lines be drawn? Especially after all the revelations about our recent governments, these are very topical questions for a contemporary Irish audience.

Schiller, a passionate champion for free spirits, is Germany’s most Romantic thinker and is perceived as a literary giant. The author of the lyrics to “Ode to Joy” is one of the most performed playwrights on the continent, yet rarely staged in Ireland. PAGEANT WAGON hopes to remedy that. The only theatre company staging a Schiller play in the last 10 years here in Ireland was ROUGH MAGIC, who produced “Don Carlos” in 2007. PAGEANT WAGON is proud to announce that we are now in partnership with ROUGH MAGIC through their Production Support Programme. PAGEANT WAGON Theatre Co. has always been committed to producing either lesser known or new work. Our last two productions toured nationally and the last show also received Arts Council Funding. MARY STUART will be PAGEANT WAGON’s sixth production

The choice of the Grand Hall of the Freemasons as our venue is imperative to this production. The Dublin Freemason Building is the 2nd oldest Freemason building in the world and purpose built for the Freemasons. Its largest feature is the Grand Hall (amongst other exciting and curious rooms), which feels like a throne room, complete with large paintings, copious seating on either side, an actual throne and a working organ. The audience will get the chance to be welcomed into a historic and important Dublin building, one that for many is still shrouded in mystery. Producing this historical masterpiece in such an extraordinary setting we are hoping to create an exciting, theatrical event and to introduce an Irish audience to one of the most famous European classics.

We urgently need your help to realise this wonderful project. Our production features 11( ! ) characters, all of which need costumes. We also need to meet other production costs such as advertising costs, lights, props and insurance. Pageant Wagon is a voluntary organisation and therefore dependent on your generosity.