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Matheus Soares Debut EP

By David Patton


Once recorded, I will have a four track EP available for download and on CD which expresses much of my personal journey with God and my passion for singing. My songs are a unique expression that tell my story so far. Each of the songs represent a unique time in my life when I felt lost and reached out to God. It was amazing to see what creativity was drawn out from me in those moments and how God met me in that place of darkness and showed himself for who He is in every circumstance of my life. This project is something that is inside of me and bursting to come out. Now is the time to see it happen.

Much of the project budget will be spent on the recording, production and mastering of the EP with remaining funds being spent on Cover design and disc pressing for the initial batch of CD's

Those who already know me, know my passion for singing. In 2016 I reached the semi-finals of The Voice Ireland and know that although I didn't win that competition, my music career in only getting started. I have an incredible studio facility already lined up and my musicians and producers are all excited to get working on laying down my original material.

Like any artistic projects where a desire is had to make them as good as they possibly can be, it can often lead to projects coming in over budget or remaining incomplete due to lack of added funding. We will have to make sure we complete our EP in budget. 

Being a full time student I probably don't have to explain why funds are limited. I am hoping that others will get behind this project and help to make it a reality and bring to life something that otherwise will not be possible. It's an incredible opportunity to become an investor into what I feel so strongly about and see this EP come to life.

Thank you for taking the time to read though this project and I really hope it is something you want to get behind to help make it happen.

Click here to listen to one of my performances on The Voice Ireland.



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Countdown is on... 60 mins remaining with €250 outstanding. You have all been amazing. Can we get it over the line? Be Blessed! 

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We are getting so close! Would 5 people consider pledging €100 to see this project come to life? Thanks for your support! 

Less than 3 days to go and we are SO CLOSE!!

84% funded! All we need is €835 or 84 Cd’s pre ordered! Come on guys help make this dream be a reality.. share with everyone you know! Either we get 100% funded or we don’t get anything at all! You know what to do! :) Thanks for your support! 

7 days to go!!!

Only 7 days to go! Thank you for all who have pledged so far! We are currently 21% funded! If we can get 433 people to pre order the CD, we will reach out target! Please consider buying a few to make this dream a reality. 

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