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Mati Klarwein Exhibition

By The Impart Lab



ChoiceCuts was born out of a passion for music. We promote music and vinyl culture we truly love and find inspiring. Our events are noted for their excellent atmosphere, programming and attention to detail. We've been chipping away at the music business for over 10 years now and love what we do.


As creator of the mind-blowing cover art of albums such as Miles Davis' Bitches Brew and Santana'’s Abraxas, the late Mati Klarwein’'s work has become arguably more recognisable than the musicians he worked for.

It was through a love of vinyl that we became fans of his work and were surprised to learn he has remained so unrecognised. Once we began to explore his work, we discovered Mati was more than just an illustrator of record covers: he was a true artist and shaman.

We want to spread Mati's work to a wider audience and show its depth and variety. To that end, we're working with Mati's son Balthazar to create a FREE seven day exhibition of a selection of prints of Mati's most famous works in Filmbase in Dublin. This will run between the 15th and 21st October 2012 as part of our Rhythm Weekender festival.

Check out the poster all €15+ funders receive and the pieces we are exhibiting* here:


A few words on Mati by his son Balthazar:

"‘Mati’ must have been the first word I learned after ‘Mama’. On weekends, Mama would send my brother and I to the monastery at the top of the mountain, surrounded by an army of medieval olive trees which where planted by the great Ramon Llull and his troop of infidel Abduls back in 1300 AD.

In this Temple, in front of a canvas, stood the father, guru and holy goat MATI. Highly concentrated at his easel, creating a new window in to the universe with his ultra thin paintbrush. His studio was the space where the past and the future meet and dance together to a funky afro-cuban rhythm mixed by Camarón de la Isla dressed as Vishnu and where every day is new years eve! (Kubrick imagined the end of the universe as a white futuristic baroque room, I think that if we could travel at the speed of light we would eventually end up in Mati'’s studio)."

- Balthazar Klarwein 2011


We have already invested €2,700 of our own money to make this show happen. We really need your help to raise another €3,000 to help finance the following:

Transport and insurance of 'Crucifixion' to and from Dublin : €1,200
Rental of exhibition space : €1,000
Flight and Accommodation for Curator : €200
Printing of exhibition posters, flyers and programme : €500
Sundries (anything from string to cups for people's drinks!) : €100

* the exhibition will be composed of high-quality reproductions with one large, original artwork as centrepiece.



Exhibition Opening Night

Hey Funders, Just a quick note to let you know we emailed all funders yesterday with details of the Exhibition Opening Night which is a special evening for all the project funders happening this Sunday 14th October. If you did not receive this email please email loughlin [ / a t / ] choicecuts.com. We will be emailing tickets today to all funders who funded €50 and up. Finally, please let your friends know that the exhibition will be running from the 15th - 21st October (12pm-5pm) in Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin (FREE admission). (We are now showing 15 pieces in total instead of the planned 10 due to hitting our fundit target and then some!). Thanks, Loughlin.

We did it!

Hey Funders, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your support of the Mati Klarwein project. We are now OVER THE LINE and at 111% with 2 days to go so the exhibition is full steam ahead. There was a big push over the last few days to get the project over the line so thanks to everyone who already funded and may have received emails/status updates etc asking for help when they had already! Thanks to you all again, it's great to know there are people out there as passionate about this project as we are! See you at the launch night ;) - Everyone @ ChoiceCuts

Home stretch

Hello Funders, We just tipped the €2000 mark a moment ago so just €1000 to go in just under 8 days. That means we need to get an average of €125 a day to reach our funding goal. Thank you so much for helping us get this far. We would really appreciate an extra push over the coming days so if you can post a link to the project on your facebook/twitter/blog/website etc or even give it a mention the next time you are in the pub/bus/gig/courts - wherever, it'll help us get the project over the line. Thanks again for chipping in and getting us this far. There's light at the end of the tunnel now! Loughlin (ChoiceCuts)

38% there and two weeks left on the clock!

Generous funders, big big thanks from all of us at ChoiceCuts. We've got pledges coming in from Hong Kong and Australia as well as the UK and of course Ireland so our belief that Mati's work has global appeal is justified! We're getting there and getting really excited in the process. Balthazar, Mati's son, will be coming over to Dublin to check out the exhibition space and help us with the artwork curation at the end of this month so we should have an interesting interview with him to share with you via www.rhythmweekender.com. With a bit of luck we will have acheived our funding target at that stage too! Thanks again, this means a lot to us that you believe in Mati's work as much as we do. Loughlin (ChoiceCuts)

Just got the posters in for the €15+ funders

Hey folks, First off - massive amounts of respect to the good people who were first out of the trap to fund this project. We've updated our project info page here with the amazing poster all €15 and up funders will receive (beautiful A2 lithographic print) : http://www.rhythmweekender.com/fundit We're working with the Hang Tough Framers at the moment sorting out dimensions, wood type and mount type etc to make sure the €300 rewards look as incredible as they possibly can. Check the link above if you haven't already to see what pieces are available. And don't forget, it's easy to adjust your pledge if you want to! Just login and click 'fund it' on the Mati project and the site will give you the option of adjusting your pledge up or down. We're hoping you will adjust it up. Thanks again and until the next update...... Loughlin (ChoiceCuts)

It begins...

Our project is live! We're really excited to be working with Mati's son Balthazar on this project. We hope you can join us on the journey and help us realise our funding goal so we can make this the most exciting exhibition to hit Dublin in years! Keep an eye on http://www.rhythmweekender.com/news for updates and news about the project. We'll keep you posted here on fundit.ie also! Thanks, Loughlin (ChoiceCuts).

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