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Maya Goldblum's Debut Album

By Maya Goldblum



My debut concept album's made up of the dearest and most piercing songs I've written in the last three years. It's influenced by travels and residencies in North Carolina and Northern Ireland.

The album includes 10 original songs that I'm currently arranging and working on with friends and bandmates. I am learning how to be my own producer (fingers crossed, guys) and have my University's recording facilities along with a magnificent engineer friend who will do the recording/mixing/mastering; many brilliant musicians who are willing to play on the recordings; and artists who are going to help me create their unique visual interpretation of each song in a lyric/art book. 

We recorded the demo tracks in October, and plan to do all of our final recordings in February; mix and master in March; and work on manufacturing and business planning through April and May in preparation for the big album release at the end of June.


Our band, Maya Goldblum & the Want Wants, consists of Jack Kelly (bass), Daryl Coyle (drums) and myself (guitar and vocals). Although we met just a year ago, we've already done so much. We've been playing at venues about Northern Ireland, on Gary Kelly's BBC radio show, and cooking up grooves for the album. I'm seriously lucky to have such sweet and dynamic guys in my band and wouldn't be able to pull off this project without them.

Additionally, there will be over ten musicians, including a lead guitarist, 2 pianists, a keyboardist, a clarinetist, a saxaphonist, a trumpeter, a violinist, a cellist, backing vocalists, a bodhranist, and a guest drummer.


I'm a full time student and am doing this project independently without any other funding. I need your support and am asking all my friends, family and fans to back me up and make this project possible. I'm crowdfunding to help raise £3,000 to go towards- the musician hire (we all gotta eat), and manufacturing the vinyls, CD’s, and beautiful wee lyric books.

£1,500 will go towards paying all of the incredible musicians who will be putting in so much time and creative energy

£1,500 will get the manufacturing of vinyls and CD's rolling

Fund it costs (they take 8% cut) £240

The risks of starting this self produced album has continually led me back to my doubts of being good enough. But I'm working on trusting my intuition, believing in myself, and not letting ego or doubts get in the way of making this album the best it can be. Sure, this campaign and project have a ton of risks but I can't give up and I'm going to give it everything I have and trust that it will work out how it's meant to.


Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to check out my Fund it campaign. I appreciate any support you are able to give towards the making of my debut album.

Hugs and gratitude to everyone for making this dream possible xo



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