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Meltybrains? - Transatlantic Fund Time

By Micheal Quinn


Meltybrains? are a 5 piece experimental electronic rock band. www.facebook.com/meltybrainsmusic

Meltybrains? Are: Tadhg Byrne, Brian Dillon, Ben McKenna, Donnacha O'Malley, Micheál Quinn.

You can see us/hear us here:
Intros Are So Original (Video) - youtube.com
EPs - meltybrains.bandcamp.com

We have been together for over three years; in that time a lot has happened and 2013 brought wonderful opportunities to play venues such as Vicar Street, The Roisin Dubh, The Unitarian Church, as well a number of major Irish summer festivals; Knockanstockan, Castlepalooza and Electric Picnic.

Meltybrains? live shows have always been an integral part of our appeal. 'The live sensation……Meltybrains? are fast becoming one of the most dearly-loved bands on the Irish music Scene' - Harmless Noise.

With that in mind we have become more adventurous and ambitious. In January 2014, we plan to do our first run of American shows, preceded and followed by a number of Irish shows. We feel this is an essential step in the right direction, taking our live show to a wider audience around Ireland & to America.

We want to make it clear that you are certainly not helping fund a holiday. Those of you who know us know how seriously we take our music and our performance. The reason for this tour is to work our asses off, to help establish Meltybrains? with a wider audience and to progress as a band. We aim to come back home to play for you all better than ever before!

Therefore, we need your help. We love all of our fans. We like to make that known as often as possible - and we are now asking for your help. We have already booked our flights to America and back. Also, we are fortunate in that we have friends in America, and around Ireland, who have graciously offered to put us up for the time that we are on tour.

The purpose of this fund it is to help to make this tour possible. Some of the expenses for the tour are also long term expenses for the band, such as a DI rack, microphones, a guitar amp and cables. Costs, such as gear rental, promotional materials (including posters, masks & paint, T-shirts), venue costs (hiring sound engineers), travel expenses, all add up.

(We mention 'Melty Masks a few times here. These are hand painted masks, painted by the band, which are given to audience members, which you can see on our Facebook)

We can't achieve this tour without the support of the people who enjoy what we do. So if you can help us at all, it really will mean so much. And we want to reward everyone who helps us. As you can see there is a whole bunch of wonderful Melty-style rewards, and we cannot wait to share them with everyone.