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Memento Morte

By Zeroline Productions


Galway based Playwright Adrian Lavelle directs his latest creation 'Memento Morte'. Produced by Gavan McNulty and Bryan Rabbitte.
Debuting in The Town Hall Theatre in Galway in March 2014, this play will have you crying with laughter and at times maybe just crying.

'Memento Morte' is a tragic comedy in two acts which delves into family, obsession, lust and vanity...a deadly concoction. It highlights how society is changing and advancing out of the Victorian era and how the family wrap their heads around the new developing world which moves at an alarming rate, and how no matter the situation, or how eccentric...families stick together.

The Year is 1888. The setting is a small middle class house near Whitechapel, London. Fog has descended over the great old city and there is turmoil and fear on the streets. The Whitechapel Murderer has struck again.

In the warm cosy confines of the Cambell Household, the erratic humorous family pay absolutely no heed to proceedings out on the streets. Lady Cambell is too busy arranging her daughter, Martha, a suitor, while her father, The self proclaimed Lord Cambell...esquire (George to his wife and daddy to his daughter) spends his days in his study drinking brandy and studying...er...penguins...or so he says. Mary the maid fusses over everything, preparing dinner for this evening. Tonight is not just any old dinner however. Tonight they will be entertaining the suave young Doctor Chapman...of the Chapmans.

Having amassed such an amazing and talented cast & crew, we are now seeking the finance to take this amazing story to the stage. The finance raised here will be used to cover production costs, such as Set Building, Set Design, Props, Costumes, make-up costs, promotional materials, etc.

Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Town Hall Theatre, Galway
March 11-15th 2014 @ 8.30pm

Lord George Cambell: Michael Irwin
Lady Gertrude Cambell: Muireann Toibin
Martha Cambell: Myrn Devaney
Mary: Fiona Walsh
Dr. Jack Chapman: Graham Feeley
Jim Bob Cambell: Dave Coyne
Tom Cambell: Eric Martyn

Hair & Make-up: Katie O'Brien

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