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Millbee Studio Project

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I am developing our studio space to facilitate creative workshops with an emphasis on well-being. Our first classes will be candle-making. Participants will learn traditional candle dipping methods, using molds, and making hand-rolled candles from beeswax. Coffee and herbal tea will take place in our garden room amongst plants, calming scents, and music. Our goal is to provide a sensory experience for participants and a tranquil environment to recharge and practice mindfulness through craft.

Millbee's Dipped Candles

Watch this video of how you will be making our dipped beeswax candles!

We have our studio space and a half-built wellness garden room. All of the funds raised will go towards candle-making equipment (melting pots, molds, dipping rigs, jugs), chairs, and completion of the garden wellness room (windows, bench seating & stove). All of this will create a welcoming space for you to enjoy our workshops. We will be covering the cost of your rewards.

I had the idea to run workshops in candle-making for the past couple of years and have now decided to bite the bullet and set these up! Over the past 20 years, I've worked on various design and craft projects as well as teaching courses and facilitating workshops. For the past 4 years, I've worked with beeswax and in 2019 I set up Millbee Studio.

We plan to start workshops in September. If restrictions are in place we can postpone until a little later.

I felt crowdfunding for this project would be best as we can offer valuable rewards in both classes and products. I'm about 50% of the way (having a facility and wax melters) and I'm hoping this funding will make this happen! All money will go towards completing this project.

Thanks so much for reading our project.