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By Clare Monnelly


about minefield

MINEFIELD is a gripping story, compellingly told. It is for anyone who has ever experienced or witnessed abuse, discomfort or outrage online. It may even be for those who have participated in it, intentionally or otherwise. It’s for those who are wary of the toxic undercurrents in many online exchanges but who have never talked about it beyond their Whatsapp group. It is for the generations of people who communicate in ways their parents could never have dreamed of. It is a play about what happens when the lives we create for ourselves online begin to spill out into the real world.

I will be producing this 3 hander show with support from axis Ballymun in the Autumn of 2019 with an incredible team of performers and creatives. It is an ambitious play that relies not only on actors and words but imagery and design and in order to do it justice, we need your support!


where your pledge goes

MINEFIELD will rely highly on technology to bring the 4th character of the internet onto the stage and this is key to the project being a success. If we are successful in raising €7,500, it will form an essential part of our overall budget that covers equipment hire, set costs, lighting materials, costume and Fund it's fees and charges. 

our team

As writer, MINEFIELD is my second play. My first play Charlie's a Clepto was nominated for two Irish Times Theatre Awards and has just finished an extensive national tour. I have collaborated with director Aaron Monaghan (who is a member of the Druid ensemble) on all my writing and he is an invaluable part of the process. We have an incredible team of creatives on board who are as passionate about making MINEFIELD a reality as we are - Peter Power - composer, Ellen Kirk - audio visual, Suzie Cummins - lights, Naomi Faughnan - set, Jamie O'Neill - performer.

we need your support!

MINEFIELD is as ambitious a second play as I could have written. Having read an early draft, the director Aaron Monaghan told me to stop writing like a writer who has no money - and I did! To realise the scope and ambition of our creatives designs and to realise MINEFIELD in all its complexity, we need your help! I dread to think how many wonderful plays lie gathering dust in drawers around the country for want of the support to bring them to life - every little pledge will get us closer to making this production happen. It needs an audience NOW.

thank you

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read about our project - this play has been in the works for nearly two years and we are so excited to see it come to fruition! We hope to see you there!

Clare Monnelly